Summer Dissapointer

Club Penguin Made the free items to easy to guess. Not to mention the catalog.

The free item will be a type of these glasses. I hope it’s not green though.

Mabye Orange?

Here is an item that will be in tommorow’s catalog:

The Current events:

Here is some stuff about the new Player Card:


  • The red X on the bottom right is a ‘clear all’ button. So when you want to remove all the items on your penguin you can just click that button instead of removing them one by one.But who would want to delete their items?
  • The penguin using a hat are the head clothes.
  • The penguin using glasses might be the glasses clothes.
  • The penguin using a bow tie might be the neck clothes.
  • The penguin using a red t-shirt might be the body clothes.
  • The hands shacking maracas might be the hands items.
  • The penguin using running Shoes might be the shoes clothes.
  • The paint thingy should be the colours.
  • The yellow background should be the backgrounds.
  • The one that has some pins might be the pins.
  • The medal of the Mission one should be the mission rewards.
  • The box with clothes is very rare.I think it has all your free items.

And here is the other one:


The CP team is also working on a similar update.

Thanks to Matre10 for that. 

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50 Responses to Summer Dissapointer

  1. Darkmohd222 says:

    im greenday1256!

  2. Darkmohd222 says:

    just in case…

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  4. greatpip says:

    i hope its the green sunglasses!

  5. bratz 521 says:


  6. joshua says:

    5. i love this catolog

  7. joshua says:


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