How to Become a Fire Ninja

Welcome Ninja’s, to Card Jitsu Fire! If you are not already a ninja, click here to learn how to become one.

On this new Adventure, you will play the fire version of card jitsu to master the fire element. But before doing this, you will need to do a few things.

How to go on the Fire Dojo

– Become a Black Belt and defeat the Sensei in normal Card Jitsu. If you have not already done this, click here for some effective tricks.

– You MUST be a member, for only they can get into the fire dojo.

– The Entrance to the Fire Dojo is located in the Ninja Hide out. Here is how to get into it.

1. Become a Black Belt Ninja.

2. Go into the Ninja Hideout.

3. Click on the fire sign, then walk through the pop up and your in!

 How to Play Card-Jitsu Fire

 Card-Jitsu Fire is a Game where you will compete against one, two or three other ninjas. In this game, each player is given 6 energy points to start with. To win, you must survive the entire game eliminating others and have the most energy points at the end. The game ends when all players except one have zero energy points.

You will be given another set of cards to play Card-Jitsu Fire. However, if you  buy Card Jitsu packs the cards you redeem from those codes can still be used in Card Jitsu Fire.

Here’s a detailed overview of the game.

 1. Your Energy Points. you start with 6. You loose once they go to Zero. You can win points by winning a Card Jitsu Battle (4)

2. Your cards. You will have 6 cards,everytime you use one of them,you get another one to replace the one you used.

3. The Moving Numbers, they will be upside down,you will choose one,you will get a random number from 1-6. If you get five,you can move Five blocks left or Right.

4. The card jitsu mode block, you can choose a player,or be chosen. You will play normal Card Jitsu,just 1 round. Winner gets 1 Energy point,Looser is taken away 1 Energy Point.

5. The Snow block (Also Selected by getting number 5). If you choose this block,all players will choose a Snow Card. The one who got the highest number stays with their energy points. The other Ninjas loose 1 Point.

6. The Water Block. If you choose this block,all players will choose a Water Card. The one who got the highest number stays with their energy points. The other Ninjas loose 1 Point.

7. The Fire Block. If you choose this block,all players will choose a Fire Card. The one who got the highest number stays with their energy points. The other Ninjas loose 1 Point.

8. The Free Element Choice Block. You can choose between Fire,Snow or Water to be played. The System is the same as the Element Blocks.

9. The Time. Each player has 20 seconds on a Countdown right next to their Playercard. Once the count goes to Zero,you will be Auto Selected a Move.

 How to Earn your Fire Suit

Along this Ninja Journey,you will Earn a Fire Suit. The System is just like the belts. First you earn your Boots,then the Suit,and at last,the Helmet. You earn this by playing with other Ninjas and Winning. It gets harder every  different part of the Suit. 1st Place is more points to next Item,4th place is less.

 Getting your Fire Gem

After you earned your Suit,you will need to Earn your Fire Gem. To get it,you Must Defeat the Sensei on Card-Jitsu fire. Then,and Only then,you will have mastered The Element of Fire and earned the Title of Fire Ninja.



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  1. Broons 2 says:

    how DO you Become A fire Ninja so Easily?

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    isnt there a ninja mask….i think…

  3. jess says:

    i wanna know how to be a fire ninja really quick like a cheat or glitch

  4. Harlz16 says:

    Hi Meet Me on mammoth on ship hold plz

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    ummmmm what about water or snow dojo any feed on that

  6. umm? says:

    I wish to be a member to get into Fire Dojo to play Card-Jitsu Fire

  7. joe says:

    its damn hard to get the costume plz suggest an easy way

  8. Mr.Roboto says:

    PenguinStorm10 had a cheat code for this, but it got you banned or/and logged off, so Microchip123(the creator) took it off.

  9. RUNESCAPE says:

    holy moly i beat sensei but that stupid comp lagg made me die and i didnt get all -.-!! i have my computer

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