Club Penguin: The Official 2010 Aunt Arctic and DJ Cadence Tracker

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Hey Guys!

Guess what?? Aunt Arctic and DJ Cadance have returned to Club Penguin!! Unfortunetly, they only go on one server at a time. So the Club Penguin World Team has constructed a fantastic tracker that will reveal there locations.

-Note, these trackers are 100% accurate. They update whenever Aunt Arctic changes servers.

Aunt Arctic Tracker:

Status: Online 

Room: Backstage

Server: Summit

Keep Refreshing the Tracker for Aunt Artic’s Status Updates!


DJ Cadence Tracker:

Status: Online

Room: Backstage

Server: Abominable

Continue reading to find out who Aunt Arctic & DJ Cadence are.

Who is Aunt Arctic?

Aunt Arctic is the answers penguins questions in the Club Penguin Time. She Started her journalist carrer in of May 2006. She has appeared at the Penguin Awards to meet all of the penguins that she writes for.

Who is DJ Cadence?

DJ Cadence is the Club Penguin DJ. She first revealed herself at a party a few years ago when the Night Club roof was opened. She is the dancing queen of Club Penguin and normally appears at big events like the Penguin Awards and Music Party.

Other Information that can help you find Aunt Arctic and DJ Cadence.

Aunt Arctic is A Green Penguin with a Pink Flower Hat and Black Sunglasses.

1. Usually Aunt Arctic and Cadence are sorrounded by a group consisting of hundreds of other penguins.

2. Aunt Artic and Cadence mostly goes on populated servers (4 – 5 star servers) so that she can meet the most penguins the fastest.

3. Aunt Artic and Cadences favourite’s servers are Mammoth, Blizzard, and Frozen. Check those servers when looking for her first.

4. You must be a member in order to meet Cadence and Aunt Artic, for they only are backstage at the penguin awards and you must be a member to get there.

5. Aunt Arctic and Cadence can be hard to spot in large crowds. Therefore we suggest opening up the list with every player’s name in the room. Cadence and Aunt Arctics names will be on that list if they are in that room.

7. When you find Aunt Artic or Cadence, open there player card. Then click on the buddy icon and she will give you a free autographed background!

8. Aunt Arctic and Cadene only go on one server at a time.

9. When you spot Cadence or Aunt Arctic, comment on this post to help others find her as well!

10. To join a tracking group, click here and search with the other penguins online!

11. If a room or server is full, there is a very good change that Cadence or Aunt Arctic are in that room.

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One Response to Club Penguin: The Official 2010 Aunt Arctic and DJ Cadence Tracker

  1. luigi TM says:

    it worked!! u guys beat clubpenguincp anyday 😉

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