New “Puffle Rescue” Game Cheats!

Hey Everyone!

The new Game is Finnaly Out! In this game,you will have to rescue Blue,Pink & Black Puffles. Who knows,maybe in the Future it will be more!

Unfortunately 2 out of the 3 Stages are for Members only. The Blue Puffle rescue is for Non Members.

Here’s what the Game looks like on the Mine:

And Here are the Instructions on How to Move & Play the Game:

1. Use the Arrow Keys to Move
2. Jump into Ice Cubes,If you jump into the water you will loose 1 Live
3.To win the Game,you must get to the Puffle/Puffles and come back to where you started

Good Luck!


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2 Responses to New “Puffle Rescue” Game Cheats!

  1. Devinity says:

    Do you know how to get the key??? Thats what we really want!

  2. daniel says:

    u have to follow the squid

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