New Club Penguin Pin Cheats

Here’s How to get the Newest Pin on Club Penguin,The Buckle Boot Pin!

1. Loggin on Club Penguin
2. Open up your Map on the Bottom Left
3. Go to The Town,Then the Night Club,And then Upstairs on the Dance Lounge
4. Walk over to the Buckle Boot Pin

5. Say yes!

Congratulations! You now have the Newest pin on Club Penguin!


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4 Responses to New Club Penguin Pin Cheats

  1. feeaskoh121 says:

    Matre, you are teh awesomest cheater

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. sponser says:

    hi just wanted you to know this website is awesome thanx so much by the way I have a crush why is everyone so loving these days? a goodbye now

  4. j says:

    hi just wandering why do you not put ALL the answers down instead of about 5? just wandering cause it will be better you have the books right?

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