Orange Puffle Sightings!

Hey everyone!

As many of you have probably noticed, the 2010 Puffle Party is taking place on Club Penguin for the time being. And there have been many Orange Puffle sightings!

As simmer stated below, the Orange Puffle is visible at the Ski Village when there are ten penguins in the room. Well, here are some more places that the crazy little Puffle can be found! 🙂

#1. The first Puffle is located in the Ski Lodge. He arrives every hour. When the time is right, he’ll pop out of the Cuckoo Clock for a brief moment. Quick! Take a picture!

#2. The next Puffle is in the Box Dimension. He appears every thirty minutes. Again – when the timing is right, he’ll pop out of – you guessed it – a box!

Let me know if you find any other places he appears! 😉

– Climmer

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3 Responses to Orange Puffle Sightings!

  1. Penguino210 says:

    if their are 10 orangeg penguins near the ski lift he will ride the ski lift

    Simmer 27: Yeah, read the post before this it shows you everything 😉

  2. simmer27 says:

    nice findings climmer 😉 we gotta meet on xat sometime we havent talked in ages XD

  3. Saydie777 says:


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