Club Penguin Times Issue #227

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new newspaper today, here is whats in it.

As you know, the puffle party will start tommorrow. It will continue on until next Thursday.

A new puffle is expected to come soon. Mabye the apron in this photo will be released tomorrow as well? What do you think? Who knows? Hopefully they will release an Orange puffle. Now for the current events.

Coming to Club Penguin Tomorrow, February 19: The Puffle Party Begins & New Igloo Catalogs are Released.

Coming to Club Penguin Friday, February 26: A new pin is hidden and new igloo music  is released.

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One Response to Club Penguin Times Issue #227

  1. fruitepunch3 says:

    it is a orange puffle because when you go to the ski lodge every half an hour instead of a bird coming out of the koo koo clock its a orange puffle and in the box demention, if you wait a while a box will come out and its a orange puffle and if you were a part of club penguin for more then a year when theres a new puffle coming they always show signs of a new puffle coming.

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