New Newspaper!

Hey Everyone!

Today a new Newspaper Arrived at Club Penguin,It has many News!

Starting Tomorrow,January 29th The Cave expedition Will be closed due to the Construction not being very Strong. Rory the Construction Penguin said he will be looking forward for a way to open it again on February.

On February 12th,a Brand New Play will be coming to the Stage! This time,its named “Secrets of the Bamboo Forest” . Looks like the Stage will be turning into a Forest! 😀

Here are the Current Upcoming Events:

January 29th

Cave Expedition Closes
New mysterious event at the Night Club

February 5th

New Penguin Style Catalog

February 12th

New Puffle Furniture
New Play at the Stage

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One Response to New Newspaper!

  1. lisa16671 says:

    im sad the cave is closed

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