New Club Penguin “You Decide”!

Hey Everyone!

From January 29 to February 14, Quebec, Canada hosts a giant winter celebration called Carnival. It’s the largest winter carnival in the world, and if you have the chance to go this year, you’ll see a Club Penguin area with activities, lots of ice sculptures, and tons of surprises! There’s even going to be an award-winning ice artist.

Club Penguin wants you to decide the Ice sculpture that will be carved Live during Carnival!!

The Options are:

Which one is your favourite? Let me know on a Comment!


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18 Responses to New Club Penguin “You Decide”!

  1. chill nan says:

    It’s a shame i live in the uk:'( also i might convince my parents to let me go on my own loz¬

  2. Lebron99 says:

    Well the handstand’s best!!!
    I think y’all know that!!

  3. doctorwho002 says:

    i think rockstar theyll rock the roof off cp.

  4. sceptile9 says:

    SWEET! i choose the rocker

  5. Cobesta97 says:

    Nice cheats 😀
    I just wanted to ask what the CSS is on this site, I will pay a Card-Jitsu Fire code for the CSS, I’m desperate!


  6. madzhidov says:

    Cobestra I’ll get you any sites css for free(but I need to give the credits to the real owner).Depends my msm
    Nice post matre

    -Madzhidov,the captain of The Club Penguin MythBusters( JohnSenor100.

  7. madzhidov says:

    It really depends but aI can help you Cobesta.

    -Madzhidov,the captain of The Club Penguin MythBusters( & JohnSenor100

  8. pen50gi says: check it out it is so cool my profile it has a clubpenguin video on

  9. Shawn says:

    I think the Handstand should win!

  10. Igiam says:

    winter fun

  11. samia says:

    i like the rocker, oh yeah theres new igloo music.

  12. alejandra says:

    yo pienso que es mejor winter fun porque esa imagen demuetra que quieres a tu puffle y esa es la verdad todo pinguino en clubpenguin cuida de su puflle porque son adorables y son tus mejores amigos

  13. tara says:

    i think winter fun should win but with hair on the penguin its so cute coz the puffle is tryin 2 eat the snow aaawww

  14. lisa16671 says:

    Um I Would Say The Rocker

  15. poop says:

    definitly da winter fun

  16. hi says:

    i choose the rocker man he looks AWSOME i cant wait to see the sculpute its gonna look cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. raino12 says:

    i like the winter fun is is brillent how did you find about this stoth and agian you are the best sorry i can not stop saying this b ut you are the best

    lots of love

  18. sparkle265 says:

    Well,handstand and winter fun

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