Mine Shack Walls Strange Problem!

Matre: I will be going on vacations this Sunday,but dont worry! Simmer will be updating for a week! 😀

Wow! By walking on Club Penguin i noticed that on the Mine Shack the walls are going down!

I think this has something to do with Herbert and a new Mission coming,Mission 11! What could he be planning?

In other news,There are new Postcards to send and Fairy Fables is back at the Stage! 😀

There is only one cheat on the Stage Costumes book

Click on the Radio to get the Silver Wand

Waddle on!


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17 Responses to Mine Shack Walls Strange Problem!

  1. Today,January 8th Matre10 is 3 years old! 😀


  2. OnEnO says:

    Happy birthday, Matre! In two(2) more days, my penguin that I use the most, Crazy C63312 will be 365 days old! Yay! One year old!!!!

  3. xman103 says:

    nice happy bday lol i think it is spy case 11 but idk

  4. Igiam says:

    I thought you were like 16.

    Maybe the mine has something to do with that jellyfish thing?

    Matre: No,My Penguin is 3 years old.lol!!. It was created on January 07

  5. Mr. Roboto says:

    Cool!In 2 more days Crazy C63312 will be one year old!!!YAY!!!

  6. Saydie777 says:


  7. Saydie777 says:

    HAPPY BDAY MATRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WINK WINK)

  8. Igiam says:

    Ohhhhhhh! Right….

  9. Monsterlit says:

    Hey there man, remember me 😉

  10. YOu dont need toknow says:

    Simmer has updated at all.

  11. chill nan says:

    A rock just fell:O

  12. brigadeir998 says:

    If you drill on the pile of rocks some come away and fall off

  13. Boomboom5435 says:

    Simmer where r u there’s a new pin at the iceberg its a puffer fish

  14. Gtac747 says:

    In the newspaper it said that penguins don’t know how the underground was created I thik it was Herbert after all a new mission is coming out soon so it would make sense.By the way happy birthday Matre.

  15. Boomboom5435 says:

    wow simmer is very unreliable these days that new pin has been out for days im glad ur back matre

  16. sceptile9 says:

    matre your penguins 3 years old! cool my penguin will be 3 years old in 9 days

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