CP Announces a New Mission!

Today Billybob made a new post on the Whats New Blog,here’s what he said:
“The Holiday Party has come to a close, and we want to wish everyone a huge thanks for making it a success!

We’ve heard from a lot of you wondering what’s coming up in the new year. Well, I can say for sure that 2010 is going to start off with a bang!

A new event’s on the way that will lead penguins into secret places! More games are incoming too that will test your skills!

Look for all new jobs and mysteries… And maybe even a certain polar bear…

Thanks again to everyone for playing this year. Your awesome ideas and suggestions are what make Club Penguin as fun and exciting as it is. Hope to see you all in 2010!”

Im sure this has something to  with a new Mission,and probably a New Dojo is the Secret Place!

Happy Holidays!


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9 Responses to CP Announces a New Mission!

  1. xman103 says:

    yaaaay the new year is comes in 4 days i know that is Herbert and the squid from aqua graber game and the puffle from Herbert’s camp in the spy thingy but i may be wrong or i may not!!!!!

  2. kiwy604 says:

    Hi Matre10,

    Cool Post Hey I wonder how you make your music player Invisible plz reply plz reply!!! 😀

    Waddle On

  3. Mr.Roboto says:

    I think the Polar bear means a new mission, the puffle means a new puffle color, and the squid fish thing means that fish in the Iceberg game that appears now and then during the game OR a new mini game!

  4. Broons 2 says:

    Simmer27 I have the cp elite penguin force game and PLZ reply to this a Trely theres a secret room in the dojo you know were sensei sits next to that boil of colorful water is the PUFFLE TRAINING ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Yay firstt comment anyway and im just ask’in do ya have a cp EPF game anyway Awsome site PLZ reply

  5. Chill Nan says:

    Yay a new misson i remember when the clocktower broke and it was all over the paper!

  6. Igiam (cool person) says:

    See you next year everyone. Cheers

  7. xman103 says:

    no i got first comment you are 4

  8. OnEnO says:


  9. Zeenia says:

    Hey friends!! coooooooool post!!!!! I am very happy for the new games, the secret places and the new mission coming up!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the 2010 is going to come with a blast!! reading these all news i get vry excited to enjoy the fun coming up!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that there is the polar bear, a puffle and a squid fish it seen clearly!! but how will the mission be that nobody knows! I wish that sumtime to wish us a great new year sensei , rockhopper, aunt arctic, g and cadence come it would be very much fun. I remember all the wonderful memories of 2009 it started with a blast and ended with a blast i am sure 2010 will do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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