New Newspaper Issue #218

Today’s Thursday! That means… a new Newspaper! This time its the Issue #218.

Here’s what inside:

The Holiday Party includes a one event to do Each day Starting Tomorrow 18th till 27th! Just Like 101 days of fun,except that 9 days 😆

And starting Tomorrow aswell,for this weekend you will be able to Participate on the Christmas Igloo Contest! Have you decorated yet? My Gym looks pretty Snowy! 😀

Here are the Current Events

Friday,December 18th:

Christmas Party Arrives on CP!
Holiday Party Starts!
“Deck the Halls” Igloo contest sign ups
New Pin

Friday,December 25th:

New Igloo Music
Quest For the Golden Puffle at the Stage

Friday,January 1st:

New year Fireworks!
New Clothing Catalog!

Happy Holidays!


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3 Responses to New Newspaper Issue #218

  1. Pingu Ninja2 says:

    You are invited to Pingu Ninja2’s Christmas Party!

    Date: Tuesday 22, December

    Time: 9 am pst

    Server: Hilbernate

    Room: Dance Lounge

    Comment for a chance to get featured as a special guest! 😉

  2. POKE says:

    YA tommorow is the Christmas party whoo hoo

  3. Pierre19 says:

    Hi im pierre19 can we meet on cp tell when u can thx

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