New Newspaper!

Hey Everyone! Today is Thursday,and that means…A new Issue of the Penguin Times! See it yourself:

Sorry for the Small size on the Flash,Im trying to get a Code to instert an SWF supported by WordPress.

December is coming up and Coins For Change too! I can’t believe how fast this year went by! We will do donations with our coins,and then Disney Club Penguin will Donate 1 Million Dollars to 3 different Places that need it.

We have a new Pin Tomorrow! What could It be? Also CP should be coming out with a new Penguin’s Catalog Tomorrow,but there’s nothing about it on the Newspaper. Maybe it will come for Chirstmas.

Here are the upcoming events:

 Friday,December 4th:

New Pin

Friday, December 11th:

New Postcards
New Better Igloos Catalog
New Igloos Catalog
Coins For Change!!

Friday,December 18th:

Christmas Party Arrives on CP!


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2 Responses to New Newspaper!

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