Club Penguin Snow Maze 2009 Cheats

Today There’s a New Maze to play! But first…a Free Item for all Penguins!







The blue pompom Toque is Located at the Mountain

And now…The Great Snow Maze











Club penguin added a Maze Map if you can’t make it,but,I recommend you do it on your own! It’s way to fun,and if you find more Penguins inside team up with them to find the Exit 😀

If you win and get to the end,you will find a Yeti Cave!










The Prize for winning The Great Maze is a Yeti Costume








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11 Responses to Club Penguin Snow Maze 2009 Cheats

  1. STYliaNA says:


    Matre: I know,I know. But it feels better if you can do it on your own,most penguins have fun! 😀

  2. 9 kitten says:

    i teamed up with some penguins and we all found it

  3. taylor says:

    oh my god , soo cool

  4. Jake says:

    Great Cheats!

    – Element

  5. Watex says:

    Hey there!

    Im Watex and I used to own a site with 17 million hits (

    Can you link to my new site and/or put me on your blogroll? It is
    If you want, Ill add you to mine too. Just leave a comment or email me once you’ve added mine.


  6. stell says:

    i printed out the map then i did the maze with a pen and then followed the map!

    it is a long way you go every where in the map!

  7. Ffyddie says:

    It’s much harder and longer than you’d think to get there!
    P.S. Anyone remember Fever/Watex? Well he’s back in business! He had 17 million hits on his 1st website!

  8. pen50gi says:

    you Rock Matre can you make me a mod for this site please pen50gi you may know me i main poster on this site people click on my name to go to my cool site email me matre to please let me be mod

  9. Sunball34 says:

    Is there any people who already have their water and snow gems or just water gem

  10. Andr II says:

    Nice blog!
    Could you also create a blog about cool game called Chobots? They could make you an agent for that! I’ve got one already!

  11. annonmys says:

    it was easy

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