New Newspaper!

Hey Everyone! Today is Thursday,and that means…A new Issue of the Penguin Times! See it yourself:

Sorry for the Small size on the Flash,Im trying to get a Code to instert an SWF supported by WordPress.

Remember that Tomorrow we have the Frosty Winter celebration! Just for this weekend,and to support winter season,the Ice rink will be coming back along a new Snow and Sports Catalog!

Also,December is coming up and Coins For Change too! I can’t believe how fast this year went by! We will do donations with our coins,and then Disney Club Penguin will Donate 1 Million Dollars to 3 different Places that need it.

Here are the upcoming events:

Friday, November 27th:

Frosty Winter Celebration! From November 27th to 29th.
Ice Rink Returns!
New Snow & Sports catalog

Friday,December 3th:

New Pin


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3 Responses to New Newspaper!

  1. sceptile9 says:

    hey everyone!
    unfortanetley im a bit busy and dont have time to post i need a new author so this means i probably wont be posting or commenting in a while 😦

  2. pen50gi says:

    can i be a new autor

  3. pen50gi says:

    please i like this blog

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