New Newspaper!

Today a new newspaper arrived in CP with tons of awesome news! 😀 See it yourself:


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6 Responses to New Newspaper!

  1. kiwy604 says:

    Hi, Matre10 cool post
    Question how you put the newspaper flash file on a wordpress post bacuse wordpress cant use flash files , plz tell me how you did it plz
    Plz reply

    Waddle On

  2. sceptile9 says:

    just doodie has most of the swf’s

  3. goosefeet997 says:


    How do you put the newspaper flash thingy on your blog? Reply to the comment or send me a YouTube message. I’m GoosefeetCP.



  4. johnterry06 says:

    hi matre 10, i love ur website,i go on it all the time for updates cant wait to see your next one just as i said before i love your web,plz reply



  5. Broons 2 says:

    (I Have A Secret SHHH! It is Make A Funny

    Club Penguin) First Go To Any Room

    2nd Click On the Zoom in Button On The on the Right Bottom Corner Of The Internet

    3rd Click Zoom In CTRL+ Then Walk Around You Will Be Makeing A Funny Club Penguin! I Cannot Show A Picture Please Comment At My secrt.

  6. Broons 2 says:

    And Do Zoom in Twice!


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