Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard & Ninja Hideout Dark!

Hey,Matre here ❗

I was looking at the Dojo again to see If it was updated since today is Friday and Woah:!: Its sky is Dark!

Dojo Courtyard Dark

Now take a look on the Ninja Hideout:

Ninja Hideout Black








I think It was caused by the Smoke that comes from the volcano,don’t you think? Or Maybe since Halloween is coming the storm is coming from the North and thats where the Dojo is located! Lots of things could happen

Also Check out what the New Log In screen says:

Screen Logo

Waddle On!


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6 Responses to Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard & Ninja Hideout Dark!

  1. cool person says:

    I think it’s the pattern like there was obviously snow, then there was a fire thing, and now it looks rainy!

  2. ttjr says:

    tose are the card justu elements

  3. cool person says:

    yeah i know i’ve been a ninja for like a year now

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have been a ninja for five years now i no what happens every year

  5. heatblastsis says:

    this info is great now i am updated to wats new THNXXX ( U ROCK ) WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN

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