New newspaper Issue #207

Hey everyone! Matre here

Another issue of the Club Penguin Times was released today,it has a few good news.

Halloween costumes






Woo hoo! Halloween Costumes tomorrow! I can’t wait!

Sensei fortune cookie

Also Sensei gived each of us a Fortune Cookie,bad news its the same fortune in all penguins. But Im not gonna ruin it to you 😀

The “In Focus” section today includes Jobs

Now for the current events:

Coming to Club Penguin October 2nd:

New Clothing Catalog

Coming to Club Penguin October 9th:

New play at the stage-Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

New Pin hidden

New club penguin postcards

Coming to club penguin October 16th:

New Furniture Catalog

That’s all for the newspaper!

Waddle on!



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2 Responses to New newspaper Issue #207

  1. Puppyboy134 says:


  2. tyler says:

    whoo hoo

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