Club Penguin Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Update> The Series 4 Coin Code contest has ended and the winner will be announced as soon as we finish counting the comments. We had over 10,000. Thanks everyone,please be patient.

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a scavenger hunt today and I was totally shocked when they did because I was not warned about it at all! So here are the cheats.

fire 1

The first item is the fire. Click on it at in the ski lodge and you will have the first item!


The third item is at the pet shop. Click on the black puffle to get it!

black puffle

Fourth, click on the lamp at the mine!

mine lamp

Fifth, click on the hot sauce located at the Pizza Parlor!

hot sauce

Click on the stick by the fire at the Cove!


Click on the jetpack at the beacon to get the seventh item!

jet pack

Finally, click on one of the things in Chinese hanging outside the Door at the Dojo to get the final item!


When you are done, you will be rewarded with a Fire Pin!

fire pin

Pretty cool right? Enjoy the scavenger hunt!! 😀

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9 Responses to Club Penguin Scavenger Hunt Cheats

  1. Joradx says:

    awesome and simmer. I have a surprise for you. I am going to donate something

  2. Chanps says:

    Hey simmer27, the contenst of the code series 4 will end on 14 september and I do 136 comments I win my e-mail is

  3. Marc says:

    Hey one of the bloggers in the KBS told me about your blog and said we should invite you to join our club. We just started and we’re called the Kid Blogger Society. were only inviting the best bloggers. Check this out: and tell me what you think. There arent that many posts yet but we’re new. if you want to join with us email and i’ll send you the stuff to join. We’re gonna have meetings and parties with kid bloggers from all different games. Tell me if you think we should invite anyone else too.

  4. jj 7983 says:

    simmer27 i won the contest for coin code thing it ended sept 14 i had um from either 60-67 comments in a row without anyone else commenting so uh how do i get the code i won? 😀

  5. jj 7983 says:


  6. jj 7983 says:

    😀 🙂 😀 🙂

  7. jj 7983 says:

    😦 :/ 🙂 😀

  8. Tonetone34 says:

    hey man post about sensei it would be good

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