New Club Penguin Stage Play & Penguin Tales Book Cheats!

Hey! Matre here!

There is a new book and a new stage play today!

The new book can be found at the Book Room,and it has the Stories that won the Writing contest on July 2009.

Penguin Tales

Congratulations to:

  • Chewydr
  • Pamelin40
  • Myndynha
  • 4884lune

For the 3rd time,I didnt get published,which really doesn’t surprise me since I can’t even think of a 30 words story.LOL

Ok now let’s get on the stage

What time is it

The stage is really cool! Oh wait…that’s not the Pic…Who writes this πŸ™„


Ok that’s it! The new Stage Production is “The Penguins that time forgot”


This is,unfortunately,the only cheat. Click on the highlighted to get the “Grass Skirt” for just 200 coins!

That’s all for today!

Waddle on!


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13 Responses to New Club Penguin Stage Play & Penguin Tales Book Cheats!

  1. yendor56 says:

    Heya, if you get any more of those coin codes I will buy it off you…..

  2. sceptile9 says:

    ur not getting many comments xD
    no offence

  3. Chriscool125 says:

    LOL! You can’t even think of a thirty word story!
    No offence And hey I didn’t get published either!

  4. Mr.Roboto says:


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. web killer says:


  7. dolly216 says:

    yo yo yo can you giv me a code 4 the new stage play book i really need loadzzzzz of coins gess how many i got rite now ????

    1 coin

  8. mr 1236 says:

    today i just got a coin code and i have not used it it is M5277WGNK

  9. no body says:

    why cant any body give me an unused code for the treasure book

  10. basketmaker says:

    when does the space adventure play return to the stage…. does anybody know?

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