Club Penguin Times Issue #204

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new newspaper today, and it told us nothing exciting.

time forgot

Club Penguin announced that the Penguins that Time Forgot will be released tomorrow. Now for the current events.

Coming to Club Penguin Tomorrow, September 11: The Penguins That Time Forgot, a New Pin, New postcards, and a Fall Fair update.

Coming to Club Penguin Next Friday, September 18: New Igloo Upgrades catalog, New Igloo Catalog, and New igloo music is released.

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11 Responses to Club Penguin Times Issue #204

  1. binkas says:

    coll simmer27

  2. pinky00010 says:

    hey does anyone know when the fall fair ends??

  3. Joradx says:

    Sim did you get the account?

  4. Rafael says:

    134! comments when do you gonna give the series 4 coin code?

  5. Akon Homiecp says:

    I meet requirements, leave a comment on my site once you add me so I can add you.

  6. cool person says:

    The new prize is also out!

  7. Stormy777 says:


    Can we exchange links, please? Comment back.


  8. sceptile9 says:


  9. Saydie777 says:


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