Club Penguin Times Issue #203 Cheats

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new newspaper today, here are the cheats!! šŸ˜€

The front page story, of course, is the Fall Fair! Do not forget, the Fall Fair is arriving on Club Penguin tomorrow! Check back here for all of the cheats!

fall fair

Club Penguin, unknowingly most likely, also released a spoiler to some items that are coming out tomorrow. Check out the following picture and you will see penguins in costumes and clothes which are not available on Club Penguin yet! Or checkĀ the front of the newspaper,look at the pink Penguin’s hat.Club Penguin only releases pictures of penguins with items that are available so hackers do not try to get the items, so Club Penguin will be releasing all of the items in this picture tomorrow. Then to the current events!

items to come

ComingĀ tomorrow, September 4, 2009: The Fall Fair Arrives, Rockhopper Arrives, and the September Clothing Catalog is released.

Coming next friday, September 11, 2009: A new pin is hidden, new books are added in the book room, and the Penguins that Time Forgot takes the stage!

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9 Responses to Club Penguin Times Issue #203 Cheats

  1. Baby633 says:

    Come to for awesome contests, cheast, updates and more!

  2. Rafael says:


  3. Rafael says:

    132 comments! Simmer27 when will end the contest of series 4 code?

  4. sceptile9 says:

    or they could be spoilers for the clothing catalog

  5. Mr.Roboto says:

    I wonder if rockhopper will play games with ppl!!Oh,and BTW:I wonder what (free)item RH will bring!ZWIIIIIHHHHNNNNGGGGHHH!

  6. Rafael says:

    133! comments!

  7. The GanGsTa says:

    Hey Simmer. Its me joradx a.k.a allen1991.

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