Snow & Sport Shop Catalog Updates

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin announced that they are going to be releasing a new Snow & Sports Catalog this Friday!


Pretty cool right? Club Penguin said that they were keeping this catalogs arrival quiet and wanted it to  be a suprise until Billybob posted it. I cannot wait until Friday!

Question of the Day: Can you remember Club Penguin ever doing something as a suprise before this?

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13 Responses to Snow & Sport Shop Catalog Updates

  1. мαтяє10 says:

    Nice,its kinda obvious XD


  2. double mvp says:

    XD Matre! Anwho, please comment on my newest post at THANKS!

  3. sceptile9 says:

    its been such a while since another sports catalog

  4. Akon Homiecp says:

    Hello, I remember this blog had 500,000 hits before Chewy and Mohd222 broke up…..etc.

    Anyways I’m Akon Homiecp,

    My website is right here

    😉 Cya!

  5. sceptile9 says:

    hey i have a question that i found out bluedude did
    when u comment i realized that some penguins have names that when u click on it, it brings you right to their blog how do u do that?????

  6. Oreo2319 says:

    Awsome! I Wonder What Items Will Be In The New Catalog! Check My Site! I Have a BIG Update!

  7. mod.ameeron says:

    Hey, I willbe having a coin code giveaway and contest after this party be there for a chance to win

  8. r4gys says:

    the trusure book for is now avalible go and search for cheats

  9. sceptile9 says:

    nvm about that anymore
    hey orea i though u were staly vegas

  10. sceptile9 says:

    no i mean seriusly cool

  11. Corwo says:

    Hey !I love ur site dude.Your awesome I love ur cp cheats!

    click here(you can use the pic if you want or give me credit,it doesn’t matter)

    I got some coloring done And found out what the green helmet looks like when on the penguin

    If you have any questions just please comment and ask me

  12. Rafael says:

    Comment 8!

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