17 Responses to Aqua is Missing When You Create a New Account?

  1. chopsticksmacp says:

    I agree with you to lazy and it also looks exactly like light blue so maybe they realised that and didn’t add it cool post !

  2. mudkip077 says:

    slippewisst! lol go on chat

  3. €lιммєя says:

    Lazyness of Club Penguin is my guess. Welcome back Simmer! 🙂


  4. мαтяє10 says:

    Welcome back home Simmer! 😀


  5. bluesky says:

    maybe they havent had time to do it yet with the new play that just came out and all the other stuff they probaly forgot

  6. angel2843 says:

    I think it’s because it’s just like light blue, and that would confuse new penguins. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Probably are just lazyand can’t be bothered to do it.
    Anyways, welcome back Simmer! 😉

  8. Articsledder says:

    Im not sure why. Back when I first joined light blue, lime green, normal green and red and black were the only options!

  9. tommy58562 says:

    I think that clubpengin thought it was a so nice couler you whould have to buy it to get it

  10. clairebear says:

    because its a stupid color

  11. sceptile9 says:

    someone said white puffles were only availble in japan idk why i think he was too lazy

  12. Kentem says:

    There are 3 reasons:

    1-CP Staff are too lazy.

    2-It’s a good color, so they deecided to only buy it

    3-They just forgot to add it.

  13. fanonymous says:


  14. pinky00010 says:

    ya i noticed that about a week ago! i was really mad cuz a wanted an aqua penguin! o well i just did light blue(since its like almost the exact same thing.) THIS WEBSITE ROX MY SOX! 😀 🙂

  15. rochyhoppy says:

    because it’s so lame,man.

  16. Rafael says:

    Comment 14!

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