New Better Igloos Catalog!

Hey Guys!

The new “Better Igloos” catalog got released today, and there are some cool items for you to buy!

Here are the cheats.

Click on the Stove to unlock the Bowling Pin.

Picture 8

Click on the Window to unlock the Bowling Alley. Click on the Stove knobs to unlock the Fridge.

Picture 7

Click on the Gramophone to unlock the Band Stage. Click on the DJ Tables to unlock the Wall Speakers.

Picture 11

Click on the Stone Column Ruins to unlock the Guitar Stand. Click on the Bamboo Torch to unlock the LCD Television.

Picture 12

Click on the Medival Banner to unlock the Penguin Knight Sculpture.

Picture 13

That’s all of the furniture cheats!

More to come soon.


Question of the day: Don’t you think Club Penguin’s items are getting cooler and cooler?

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4 Responses to New Better Igloos Catalog!

  1. Sman2323 says:

    Hey Climmer, get the stove cheat

  2. Amanda says:

    Just saying you missed the two buttons on the electric stove it gives you the matching fridge.

  3. mudkip077 says:

    um plz check
    you’ll be amazed at what we’ve done!

  4. Rafael says:

    Comment 16!

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