Club Penguin Times Issue #201

Hey Guys!

This week’s newspaper doesn’t really include anything new. Club Penguin was returned to the ground, therefore putting an end to the Festival of Flight. 😦

Picture 5

In other news:

The Underwater Adventure play starts tomorrow! All of the action will begin tomorrow at the Stage, and will end on September 10th. And if you didn’t get a chance to get the Ruby Pin from the Ruby and the Ruby play, get it now! ( Click here to see how! )

Picture 3

Now for the Upcoming and Current events!

August 20: Festival of Flight comes to an end.

August 21 – September 10: Underwater Adventure Play begins.

August 28: New “Sports” Catalog.

August 21 – September 17: New “Better Igloos” Catalog.

August 28 – September 10: New pin is hidden.

That’s all for now!

~Climmer 😉

Question of the day: Did you get a chance to meet Gary the Gadget Guy during the Festival of Flight?

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7 Responses to Club Penguin Times Issue #201

  1. angel2843 says:

    no i didn’t get to meet him, school started and i haven’t been able to get on lately. <:(

  2. faster3314 says:

    no.its not fair that members only can meet him easily(every special penguins)so i hate gary nowadays and some special penguins exept rockhopper and sensei(i love then,i also met them.

    Climmer: Aw. Too bad you didn’t get to meet him. 😦 Maybe someday, Gary will visit everyone – even non-members!

  3. Jandmbrother says:

    i didnt meet him either i wanned to so bad.

    hey climmer can u meet me on cp today plz

  4. michel12345 says:

    Cool. I’m hiring people at my site, if you are o

  5. Britbunny says:

    i didnt meet him =[

  6. Kingpin2 says:

    What the heck. You made me as Kingpin2 just because Chrisdog93 wanted on as Club Penguin Cheats? Change that back or your removed and you need me to link to you, seo my man.

  7. pinky00010 says:

    this is so random but my birthday is soon!
    Climmer: Oh cool! Happy B-Day then! 🙂

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