Newspaper issue…#200!

Hey everyone! Matre here!

Today is a very special day on club penguin…Why? Because they released their #200 issue of the Club Penguin Times!

To start of,here’s a message from the Newspaper Editor,Aunt Arctic:

Wow! Our 200th edition,what an amazing achievement! We published our first edition on October 24,2005. (Day Club Penguin Was Launched) and things have changed so much since then! (…) I really couldn’t do it without you! I’d like to thank every writer in Club Penguin who have submited their work to the Club Penguin times(…)

In other news,The Festival of Flight starts tomorrow, August 14th,so get ready to fly!






But that’s not the only thing happening on August,on August 21st,get ready to go underwater with the brand new stage play,Underwater adventure!






In focus:

This weeks In Focus section was really cool,it was about old times in Club Penguin.









Some of our favourite penguins like Gary,Aunt Arctic and Bambadee said a few words to the Newspaper.

Gary: Some great memories,it demonstrates everything is possible with a dream.
Aunt Arctic:I started writing the Club Penguin times on May 2006,I remember it as if were yesterday!
Bambadee: We held some great parties then too.My favourite has always been the pirate party.

Now for the current events:

Coming to club penguin on Friday 14th:

Festival of Flight-A new pin is released-Smarties Hounting contest :O

Coming to club penguin on Friday 21st:

New better igloo catalogs-Underwater adventure is released (Stage)

Well that’s all for today!

Waddle on!


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8 Responses to Newspaper issue…#200!

  1. мαтяє10 says:

    Pretty cool newspaper.


  2. sceptile9 says:

    this reminds me of old times
    something cp hasnt mentioned about yet was in 2007 or before was that instead of in focus was the game spotlight i bet some of u remember 😀

  3. sceptile9 says:

    hey i think the item will be a green propeller cap 😉

  4. kevinbarrett says:

    Lolz, your on the way to a million hits! : D

  5. Icy Ice says:

    I’m an old club penguin-er, I remember when they had there hundredth newspaper… Good times. ^^

  6. Mr.Roboto says:

    Can you plz give us the new pin,CP??????NO?WELL,UHHHHH………I HAVE A…….uhhhh…FOOT!

  7. Sman2323 says:

    Sorry I forgot to post, my computer was acting weird

  8. Mr.Roboto says:

    918,284 Hits!wow

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