Lighthouse Music Update

Hello Penguins Makee3 Here!

The Instruments on Club penguin can now be heard when you play them at the Lighthouse!

Here is a picture of me rocking out with some freinds!


Pretty cool right?

Question of the day: Whats your favorite instrument?



About The Great Chasers

The Great Chasers
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11 Responses to Lighthouse Music Update

  1. sceptile9 says:

    im finallty bac

  2. mudkip077 says:

    why aint i a author

  3. Agent says:

    My favrite insterrument is the drums

  4. qqaazz1 says:

    mines a dildo

  5. Eznemigaz says:

    I’m a hungarian penguin, and my favorite instrument is the guitar.

  6. CPSilent says:

    Hey Simmer!

    I added you on my blogroll before, I quit for 9 months but now I am back.

    Could you add me back?

  7. sceptile9 says:

    hey guys i should remind u the post u forget to post the new party banner that came out
    if u forget to post anything i usally post those stuff ill comment u if u forget anything k
    Waddle on

    Sman2323-We sometimes might think it’s not to important. Thanx anyways

  8. Bluefroggie2 says:

    My fav instrument on cp is the electric guitar. But in real life is a flute =D

    P.S. CP changed the server Antarctic to a safe chat server. And I think some other servers too.

  9. jgkn says:

    mine is the piano

  10. Johncena9491 says:

    My favorite instrument 2 necked guitar. in real life Trumpet

  11. Martyn6262 says:

    that is cool mini man.

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