August Clothing Catalog Cheats & Aqua is Released

Update: DO NOT FORGET, M.G.M.’S SUMMER BASH IS TODAY AT SLEET DOCK STARTING AT 11:45 AM CLUB PENGUIN STANDARD TIME! Simmer 27 will be online his xat during the entire party! Click here to go to it.

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new clothing catalog today, here are the cheats.

Aqua was released in the clothing catalog today and you can purchase it for 20 coins!! However, if you put it on, it does not look very different from Light Blue :(.  Go to the Lighthouse and hear the sounds of your instruments just like the Music Jam!

aqua released

Click on the Piano to unlock the Red Viking Helmet! Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

red helmet

blue helmet

Click on the word “Penguins” in the Penguins at Work sign to get the Crystal Staff.

penguins at work

Click on the shell to unlock the Canteen!


Click on the highlighted window to get the Woodsman’s Hat.

wood man

Finally, click on the Dragon’s Shadow to unlock the Blue Dragon Costume!

blue dragon

That is all of the hidden items in the August Clothing Catalog! Hope you enjoyed! This catalog had alot of hidden items, accept strangley there where none near the front of the catalog.

Question of the Day: What is your opinion on Aqua?

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18 Responses to August Clothing Catalog Cheats & Aqua is Released

  1. climmer says:

    Woah Simmer…I posted this comment 17 secons after you posted…xD

    Congradulations on the 900,000 hits!

    ~Climmer 😉

  2. cool person says:

    I SAID lavender would be better!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Aqua is rubbish.

  4. zazu234 says:

    aqua is rubbish i voted for lavenda

  5. sceptile9 says:

    lavender woulb be better

  6. Allie125678 says:

    I hate aqua its the same thing as light blue. I sent in a complaint lol. I voted for lavender

  7. angel2843 says:

    same here zazu. Any way if you go to the underground pool, then you can see the water leaking through the windows!!!

  8. pinky00010 says:

    i told u not to vote for aqua! its exactly the same as light blue! i voted maroon!
    Sman2323:Same 🙂

  9. Champ344 says:

    Lol!! I VOTED FOR AQUA 😛

  10. Flopper says:

    aqua seriously sucks

  11. c says:

    ya aqua sucks. lavender is awsome!!! and maroon is a turd color. i think they should have just put all the colors in the catolog.

  12. Mr.Roboto says:


  13. Pisyrule1 says:

    I wanna ballon i have seen it everywere August 2009 catalog

  14. ninja3260 says:

    i met gary it was cool and i am happy ya

  15. limeheart5 says:

    Aqua is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. limeheart5 says:

    i wanna meet gary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. CP ROCKS! says:

    enytime i go on CP i think to my self why did people vote for aqua if the blue color is the same!! lavender would of been the best color to vote for because its not the same as the purple color! its soo silly that aqua was voted the new color! everyone likes lavender dont they? dont even talk to me about the reddish color… well bye…

  18. aaa says:

    i am a full time mum. i am sick of my two daughters playing club penguin. they are getting brain washed into it and i hope that someone will put a stop to this awfull web site. ha ha ha im only joking!! im not a mum! i love CP and dont put a stop to it! never put a stop to it! its really good so dont… i just felt like doing that because i was bored… well the main point is that i bove club penguin and dont put a stop to it! never NEVER NEVER I SAY!!! well C YA!!! p.s im only a child ha ha ha haha!!!

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