WordPress on the iPod Touch & iPhone

Hey Everyone!

WordPress has finally came out with an iPhone and iPod Touch app which lets you edit your wordpress blog from your iPod!

wordpress on ipod iphone

You can download the app from the App Store and iTunes. The app is free, however, this App can only be used on the iPod Touch 2g, iPhone 3g, and iPhone 3G S because you must have the the software 3.0. This app will not run on 2.21, 2.2, 2.1, or 2.0. You can upgrade your software for $9.95 American Dollars from iTunes. Originally posted by Mudkip 077, thanks for finding this!

Question of the Day: Why do YOU think wordpress made this app? The iPhone/iPod Touch’s keyboard is almost impossible to use!

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17 Responses to WordPress on the iPod Touch & iPhone

  1. kiwy604 says:

    Cool, Nice vid and thanks for warning us!!! Is there a chance you can use wordpress on the psp plz reply!!!!!

  2. Zumaboy says:

    #Iamthewalrus uses virus postcards too (They hate the nacho army lol)

  3. goosefeet997 says:

    i hope its free!
    mudkip077:You can download the app from the App Store and iTunes. The app is free, however,
    you think?

  4. virasur says:

    hey the keyboard is awesome on the phone and touch. the app is awesome

  5. climmer says:

    I think that they had one released a couple months ago, but then it got shut down….I downloaded the new one lats weekend 😀

  6. Zumaboy says:

    The finger keyboard is easy for me to use. It just takes some getting used to

  7. Silvas12 says:

    LOL I’m on my iPhone3gs right now I’m commenting with it!! I just download the app and it works pretty well I also tryed it for my iPod touch 3g and it works on that too!!

  8. goosefeet997 says:

    Hey i really need to know what editing system u use for your vids. And is it free or does it cost money? If it costs money how much? PLZ PLZ PLZ REPLY! 😉

    Artic: I had trouble with this stuff at first to. The Unregistered Hypercam2 is free, but you will have a white box in the corner all the time. For an editing program on windows, Click start and go to All programs, Accesories, and Entertainment. Click Windows Movie Maker. When your done with your video save it as a video file and put it on Youtube for the world to see!!!!

  9. Simmer 27 Fan says:

    Simmer you rock I love all your cheats!!

  10. Cbary23 says:

    I’m writing on my itouch write now and there are no mistakes are there????? Anyways the app is awsome. I got it!

  11. cool person says:

    Cool! Now all I need is an iPod Touch or iPhone…

  12. sceptile9 says:

    i bet they want it more famous 😀

  13. the keyboard is EASY to use!! 😛 i’m commenting thru my iPod touch right now!!! 😛

  14. awsomecp05 says:

    i have the app. why do u think the keyboard is hard to use. its very easy

  15. kpole12 says:

    This is the best site i ever seen! Guys keep up the awesome work on club penguin!!!!

    Your fan,kpole12

  16. Cool, I wish I had one!

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