Music Jam Cheats 2009 & the Umbrella Pin

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released a new pin today, and the Music Jam is now here as well.

Unfortunetly, there is only one free item, and it is the Headphones. They are available to everyone at the Cove!

headphones green

Now for the guide to get to the backstage, and to the Night Club Roof Top. The backstage and Night Club Roof Top is for members only and it is where you can meat Cadance and the Penguin Band!

1. Go to the Snow Forts.

shirts stand

2. Click on the stand so you can veiw every item.

concession stand

3. Buy an all access for 150 coins, and then go to the Dock.

all access passes

Also, Backstage, there is a music catalog which you can purchase items from. There is only one hidden item, click on the “O” in Catalog to get the Black Electric Guitar.

black guitar cheats

Secondly, click on the “I” in Music to get the following items.

music itesm

4.1) The first 3 steps are the same for getting to the Night Club Rooftop, the only thing you must do differently is going to the Dance Clubs Lounge. Simply go up those stairs with an Access Pass and you are at the Night Club Rooftop!

 dance floor

At the Night Club Roof Top, you can also get the Stereo as a free item!


Congratulations, you are now backstage! However, all of the items which Club Penguin just released are going through glitches, so I cannot show you a picture of the backstage since I cannot purchase a pass!

Now for the Umbrella Pin Cheats. The pin is hidden in the Boiler Room, and it also the pin that won a recent “You Decide” vote!


Whoa, a lot of updates are today! I will be posting the Furniture Catalog Cheats and the Trackers seperately, so keep refreshing for more updates.

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2 Responses to Music Jam Cheats 2009 & the Umbrella Pin

  1. sceptile9 says:

    u restored it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Item Box says:

    Hi there penguins! Im the Item Box. this clubpenguin cheat is how to beat sensei! Start by facing him but if you lose, go train your self about a couple times and then face sensei again but lose again keep trying and then you will win! Hope you like this cheat!

    Item Box

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