Club Penguin Times Issue #196

Hey Everyone!

Another Club Penguin Times was released today. Here’s the updates!

music jam prep

The Second Annual Music Jam will begin tomorrow! Club Penguin also announced that DJ Cadance & The Penguin Band will be appearing Backstage during the Music Jam. Remember to check back here tomorrow for a tracker and the Music Jam Cheats!

Coming to Club Penguin tomorrow, Friday the 17th: The Music Jam Begins, a New Pin is Hidden, a New Furniture Catalog is released, a New Music Catalog is released, and I get a snack! Matre: And its my birthday! lol,enjoy your snack

Coming to Club Penguin on July 24, 2009 is a Color Vote where we get to vote on what Club Penguin’s next color should be. The options are Maroon, Aqua, and Lavender.

Question of the Day: (I know this is off topic but who really cares ) Have you seen the new Harry Potter Movie? If so, is it good? I am seeing it Saturday so I am intrested to here your responces!

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One Response to Club Penguin Times Issue #196

  1. flapper says:

    VOTE LAVENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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