Penguins around the world (and splatter wins!)

Makee3- Simmer go to the “What this site is about” page Zumaboy created it!

Hi everyone!!! Billy bob announced some stuff today so read this post!

Hi everyone! Club Penguin made a new thing where you take pictures of your toy penguins and puffles and they post them on a page!!!!!! It says You can send in your pictures through the Art Submissions page. So send pics in!!!!

In Other News: You decided! Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll to choose a shirt for the August Penguin Style catalog. Your choice was: The Splatter!



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I'm Nat, I'm well known as a nerd, with a love for many nerdy things primarily consisting of Doctor Who. I also have a deep love for Invader Zim...
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8 Responses to Penguins around the world (and splatter wins!)

  1. sceptile9 says:

    i believe mimo7777 told everyone to vote that i like it because its more summer like

  2. pinky00010 says:

    AWE$OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. clairebear says:

    whoa what happened to all the other posts from yesterday its july 21 not july 11

  4. sceptile9 says:


  5. sceptile9 says:

    wrong thing haha (xD)

  6. sceptile9 says:

    hi (XD)

  7. sceptile9 says:


  8. Sami Rocks 8 says:

    Ya i love this 1! It’s like water splahed you & it stuck on the shirt!

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