The Official Club Penguin Sensei Tracker

Update: Our master ninja, Sensei, has left Club Penguin. Hopefully he’ll come back soon.

It’s the 3rd July and Sensei has arrived at Club Penguin! Would you like to meet him? I already have using this tracker! Now you can to!!

Official Sensei Tracker:

Penguin Name: Sensei

Room: Offline (Refresh…)

Server: Offline (Refresh…)

I wish you best of luck meeting the Sensei, do not forget, you need to be a black belt from playing Card Jitsu to be able to get into the ninja hideout. If you are not a ninja, you should watch the following video to become one!

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47 Responses to The Official Club Penguin Sensei Tracker

  1. Blue Buru says:

    Awesome Tracker, Matre!

  2. Rachel says:

    Sensei is so cool i want to meet him so bad!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hahahe1 says:

    This really works because were ever the tracker says it is or what server the room is always full there. Thanks.

  4. Zumaboy says:

    Blue???? I thought u where on vacation!!!! OMG I HAVE HAD 233 VIEWS TODAY!!!!! That’s my all time high!!!!!!!!

  5. SYDNEY says:


  6. SYDNEY says:


  7. Simmer you rock thanks for helping me find him!!!

  8. Zumaboy says:

    I have had over 700 views today!!!!!!!

  9. ghmidorigh says:

    NIce Tracker! I’m going to keep visiting and commenting!
    Visit my site at Edited out by chatanzuma XD (Zumaboy) Thx!
    Zumaboy:You said the exact same thing on my site!!!!!!!!!!

  10. gadge567 says:

    Thx a lot dude!! You helped me found the sensei! I wanted to meet him and i did thanks to you!!

  11. Articsledder says:

    Finding Sensei is pretty hard, this tracker helps alot!

  12. Bulletwolf says:

    Hey team,
    Matre and Simmer, remember me Bulletwolf aka Keith? Haha, long time no see.

    Matre10: Meet me at chat someday

  13. cool person says:

    is there a cheat to go on full survers?

    Matre10: Not yet,but we’ll find out

  14. mochi835 says:

    Found sensei! It’s too bad he’s only here for 3 days.

  15. zazu234 says:

    i have gone to everyplace that the traker has said and sensei wasnt there how do i find him??

    Arctic: The tracker is manually updated, so when one of us mods see him, we put the location.

  16. zazu234 says:

    i have been trying to find sensei since the 3rd of july and i havent found him. I am very sad that i havent found him plz can you tell me where to find him?

  17. Gillian says:

    a few minutes ago he was on mukluk

  18. hey staff its me under the looser with 838 hits at EDITED OUT BY MUDKIP077 just checking in on your guys keep up the good work ill keep up my terrible work bye!

  19. Mr.Roboto says:


  20. Devie says:

    i went in the place where the tracker said and sensi wasnt there

  21. dgn99 says:

    check my site out for club penguin updates EDITED OUT BY MUDKIP077

  22. Bluefroggie2 says:

    Hey, is Zumaboy a mod now too??
    If so, congrats! 😀
    P.S. I was very unsuccessful at finding the Sensei.

    Matre10: Hopefully he will come back again.I just found him once.

  23. faster3314 says:

    i was trying for three days and i dinnt give up and then i tried the final time in that time aLSO HE DIDNT come then i was going to click log off button he came i cant believe that he also tought us a lesson past is a lesson,present is a gift and future is a mystery i met him in deep snow this tracker also helped me find him thx a lot

  24. Bluefroggie2 says:

    I hope he comes back 😦
    SO I CAN GET MY FLIPPERS AROUND HIS NECK AND AND. . . I dont know yet. . . 😉

  25. Simmer rules says:

    hello simmer you rock!!

  26. luigi30322 says:

    cool tracker can you tell me the code

  27. Anonymous says:

    ur saite is awsome !!!!!!

  28. noname says:

    kewl!!realy kewl(cool)
    ur site is A-W-S-O-M-E!!

    with many many love

  29. Jasemin says:

    Awesome tracker when he’s online im gonna use that if it works then thx so much.

  30. se says:

    umm at the top it has a fire card then a water but it diisaperrds and then theres only fire

  31. Anonymous says:

    sensei is on snowflake now!” in the fire dojo

  32. zaiab says:

    sensi lzz come

  33. zaiab says:

    sensi plzz come i will do eny thing for u send beck

  34. zainab says:

    where is sensi plzz came on freezer or eny other sever plzz i beg u

  35. lisa16671 says:

    i want to know too

  36. Beauty74642 says:

    At 3:06 on the video, i’d rather take 7. I have another stategy that made me a ninja.

  37. Anonymous says:

    chistmas is the best time of year but cp makes it better then ever if i as a penguin on cp i would be spoiled like my penguin is cooler on cp then on my mind

  38. Boom Man11 says:

    I saw Sensei and Fire Sensei with luck post i’ve never been posted i want you two to know that and something about my luck.

  39. fluf blue1 says:

    I whant to meet Sensei and become a famous penguin, on club penguin!

  40. Mr. Roboto says:

    HELLO, PEOPLE!!!! I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES SENSEI?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?111????

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  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Mason says:

    Rockhopper is at ice bound at the crows nest

  44. Mason says:

    Want a free penguin


    if he changed his pass don’t get mad at meh because its not my fault i worked hard to get this fricken DAMN penguin please dont ban it its my friends penguin so of HIS DAMn FRICKIN penguin

  45. Jilleroo says:

    Thanks! I found him and I go the background and it’s so cool! Thank you. I hope I will see you at clubpenguin! 😀 🙂 😉

  46. Anonymous says:

    hey simmer how

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