Club Penguin’s July Clothing Catalog Cheats 2009

Hey Everyone, Arctic Sledder Posting!

Club Penguin Released a new clothing catalog today, here are the cheats.

The first is the Red Viking Helmet.  Click on the gray board in the Piano to get it.

viking red3

Click on the helmet 4 times to get the blue Viking Helmet.


To Get the Canteen, Click on the Brown seashell in the Background.



To get the Crystal Staff Click on the word “Penguins” in Penguins at work.


To get the woodsmen hat, click on the window to the far right.


And lastly, the Blue Dragon Costume.


Thats all for the Catolog. The Pin is Located in the underground pool, to get there click on the manhole in the Plaza.


I can say theres a 97.5 chance the Music Jam is coming back. Right before the last one the catolog was loaded with Instruments.  Last time the Penguin band came also! This is gonna be one good summer!

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4 Responses to Club Penguin’s July Clothing Catalog Cheats 2009

  1. Matre10 says:

    Great post Artic


  2. ghmidorigh says:

    Thanks for the new catalog cheats! I’m going to keep visiting and commenting!

  3. mochi835 says:

    Thanks! Love the new catalog. And that big pink wig. I’m huge on hair colors. xD

  4. Tommy58562 says:

    you made one mistake here! it is the july clothing catolog not the june clothing catolog!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mudkip077: I will just edit

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