Official Improvement Project

Note: Use of this “Improvement” idea on WordPress without our permission could end on a site suspended for violating Copyright reserves.

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to inform each and every one of you that is going to be undergoing many changes. These changes are things such as this.

– We will be adding many new pages and editing many old ones to make them better.

– Our sidebar will be changed, so if any widgets dissappear, do not be suprised.

– We will be adding Twitter so you can follow us in our daily activity!

– All of our older posts will be edited so there is no bad grammar or un-needed text.

– Pages and posts will have all of the spam comments deleted from them, spam comments are comments that say stuff like “go to my site” or “dasdfas.”

– Dead links, pictures, and videos will be removed from the website!

The team is telling you this so if you are to come here and see something that is completely different, not to be suprised! We are also looking to add new people to our blogroll, so if you are intrested and have atleast 100,000 veiws, comment!


Question of the Day: Do you have any sugestions of stuff we could add or places were we could improve? Every idea is taken into consideration!

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20 Responses to Official Improvement Project

  1. chinsetakout says:

    i want to be on your blogroll.


  2. 7pengi7 says:

    Thanks for telling us!
    I think you should have a mini chatbox on your sidebar so people can just have a little chat!
    Come to my site too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes i think you should do fasion clothes of the week for penguins

  4. Blue Buru says:

    I couldn’t really suggest anything because its so awesome but maybe you could do a Production Group on Youtube…?

  5. mudkip077 says:

    i like them simmer plz announce the new mod and…i cant remember

  6. mudkip077 says:

    oh now i do can i be on ur blogroll i think it would sort of help its views and when you do i’ll start posting

  7. Martyn6262 says:

    i cant really suggest much either… everythings already here.

    and it would be the best if i was put on ur blogroll!

  8. Anonymous says:

    i think you should make a new header. it should have you and all the moderators on it and and a red banner saying team simmer

  9. hbk399 says:

    change your header. it should be you and all the moderators side by side and a red banner saying team simmer.

  10. Girl34561 says:

    wow. editing ALL the posts??? that will take a long time.. 0.0

  11. Zumaboy says:

    I think a featured igloo page I have one
    ~Ur biggest fan ever Zumaboy

  12. mudkip077 says:

    penguin of the week!

  13. tomcycle14 says:

    That sounds sweet, but one thing to improve, FIX ROCKHOPPER TRACKER!!

    Artic:Its not broken, it gets updated when Simmer or one of the mods see him

  14. Zumaboy says:

    Hey u added 2 or 3 more pics nice!

  15. ivan66666 says:

    rebel has 67 subscribers

  16. ivan66666 says:

    it has been a very long time since i’ve commented cause im on vacation! summer!
    ~to simmer and everyone

  17. ivan66666 says:

    hey simmer u could add a picture of ur penguin

  18. pizzarosita says:

    you should put a new header and have more parties or contests cuz they are fun

  19. Kuva 08 says:

    I think u should put a Old Penguin Page so ppl can donate penguins!!!
    It would be soooooooooooo cool

  20. Kuva 08 says:

    jus make sure they’re not banned first!:)

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