Club Penguin Releases Spanish Servers!!

Hey Everyone! Matrex Posting!

Today, Club Penguin released Spanish Servers, here is the server list.


Click here to log in the Spanish servers. Those are the servers that are completely in Spanish. Personally, I am glad that Club Penguin made this server because Spanish is a very popular language in the world. The server is not very popular because it is new and was just released.

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4 Responses to Club Penguin Releases Spanish Servers!!

  1. Blue Buru says:

    Woah! The new spainish servers are awesome!

  2. Blue Buru says:

    Nothing Much, Just thought I would check up on things to make sure they were working. Also nice outfit with coin codes on the pin picture. Wish I had one lol

  3. Rayboys says:

    Please give me credit, or i will contact wordpress to suspend your site.
    Famous people who have do it:
    i dont want to suspend you, so do it.

    Matre: I Got it on my own,but u want credit? Okay you will have credit.

  4. danii says:

    How cool
    i live in Mexico and im happy they are taking mexico in consideration.. although i still prefer to play in english ;D

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