Rockhopper Returns & Ice Cream Sundae Pin Cheats

Hey Everyone! Matrex Posting!

Rockhopper is back today and there is a new pin hidden.

The new pin can be found at the pizza parlor, it’s an Ice Cream Sundae.


Rockhopper is back and this time he brought the following items.


I guess Rockhopper really likes his plants and he wanted to share them with us like the time. Rockhopper said the plants are his but I don’t exactly know Rockhopper got the plants because he never updated his journal.

Question of the Day: How do you think Rockhopper got those plants?

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10 Responses to Rockhopper Returns & Ice Cream Sundae Pin Cheats

  1. stralis33 says:

    I think he stole them off the plant pirate!


  2. cool person says:

    maybe he found another island!

  3. ncoley says:

    O M G i cant wait to meet rockhopper he this is the real deal but sdly he dissapred before i could clik on him and went to the saver frozen now frozen is full and i cant get in 😦 boo hoo for me

  4. Zumaboy says:

    well idk rh island has plants

  5. Danlour says:

    Maybe an octopus messed up Rockhopper’s ship while Rockhopper was sleeping!

  6. Hyperkid0 says:

    Ive got it! He took seeds from plants at Rockhopper Island and brought them here.

  7. truble678 says:

    why didnt u talk about the new upgrade iggy its so cool it has a new tree house iggy!
    P.S.i’d give u a picture of the iggy cause u forgot but i dont know how

  8. DANlELLA says:

    I think he tookthem From his house

  9. Kellyrox1011 says:

    I think he crashed into rockhopper FOREST.


  10. Tomcycle14 says:

    I think Hebert has something to do with it, because at the end of misson 10, Waddle Squad, they find a packet of seeds. So maybe a new mission coming?

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