Club Penguin’s Official Rockhopper Tracker

Note, this is not the current Rockhopper Tracker, for the official one please click here or go to Thanks!

 Hey Everyone!

I have found  a Rockhopper tracker which is very reliable and will really help you find Rockhopper.


Rockhopper’s Status: Online

Rockhopper is currently on the server: Mammoth

Rockhopper is currently at the: Migrator’s Ship Hold

(Refresh the Tracker) 

For more tips or if the tracker malfunctions, simply click herefor my Rockhopper Finding Guide.

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50 Responses to Club Penguin’s Official Rockhopper Tracker

  1. Mochi835 says:

    I haven’t tried it yet. The only Background I need is rockhoppers.

  2. pizzarosita says:

    i am still trying to find him

  3. laurenhs says:

    he isnt there
    and there isnt a reset button
    FIX IT!

  4. Britbunny says:

    it didn’t work 😦

  5. I came across this when searching info on Google. I will use it to complete my report for this weekend, thanks for the info.

  6. 19morgilby07 says:

    I didnt find him at all it i dont even know what a ship hold is

  7. pinky00010 says:

    it didnt work 😦

  8. iowagirl1997 says:

    theres a new rockhopper background where him and his puffle are on the migrator

  9. Zumaboy says:

    no worky

    lol 🙂 yet 😦

  10. Interesting stuff here. Thanks for posting, will add to my RSS feed. Tuck

  11. Zumaboy says:

    Matre could we umm talk?

  12. Zumaboy says:


    Matre10: I’m not on 24/7 lol sorry

  13. Zumaboy says:

    😦 I’m like the saddest dude in the world right now.

  14. Monsterquis says:

    That has been like that for 14 hours

  15. Zumaboy says:

    I like am having the worst day ever. plz!!!!!!

  16. This is great info for us all. Glad you posted this. I am subscribing to this blog. Manny

  17. pikethunder says:

    cool but it isnt working for me

  18. penguin says:

    Cool the only tracker that works ! Found him !

  19. Anonymous says:

    he is at the snoforts on frozen!

  20. yellpe says:


  21. Very interesting website, wish I had found it earlier. This information will definitely come in handy. Fred

  22. Bluefroggie2 says:

    Please fix it, if you can.
    It always says he is online, on Frozen, in the Migrator’s Ship Hold

  23. Hey this is good stuff. So glad you posted this. I enjoy reading blogs like this. Anna

  24. angel2843 says:

    sorry simmer but it don’t work.:(

  25. Matre10 says:

    Refresh button added

  26. Zumaboy says:

    Refresh doesn’t work… 😦

  27. truble678 says:

    what makes u the expert on knowing where he is everytime i do what the thingy says its wrong!

  28. blip says:

    this never works for me

  29. This website has some really good info. I lerned a lot from reading hear. Cassie

  30. Mook says:

    Awesome site keep up the great work!

    Come join my site! Well, the site hasn’t opened yet, but the forum for it has! It’s called CP Memories and it closed down a year ago and now it is coming back July 1st. It had over 100,000 hits and it’s the best site to see the older times of Club Penguin.

    Here is the link to the forum:

    Here is two of the old site layouts:

    Please join and stay active!

  31. king Ss says:

    it didnt work its a fake

  32. Zumaboy says:

    Hey Matre I started today!!! and u know what I started. lol 😉

    Matre: 😀

  33. Hnbialo says:

    this doesn’t work! >:-(

  34. Britbunny says:

    it doesn’t work

  35. blip says:

    this is a rip off matre plz come on and show us the way to find rockhopper!

    Matre: I just added some tips

  36. Julia says:

    its no fair i never met rockhopper yet and i went on big surf and i went to where it says he at and whe wasnt there!='(

  37. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!found him!!!!!!!!!

  38. bluenev1 says:

    It doest work

  39. ice cube240 says:

    simmer im a huge fan i realy want to be friends with u on cp how bout u go on frozen dock on june 7

  40. ZACK says:


  41. ZACK says:


  42. jenny says:

    all the servers are full i cant get in:(

  43. laoPryde says:

    all servers are full i cant get in and i have found rh with this tracker befor so i what to find him agian and again and again

  44. jeremy tizzard says:

    jenny want to go out

  45. jeremy tizzard says:

    just joking

  46. baile says:

    mrsminnie7 was here

  47. swimmy15568 says:

    you rock YOUR AWSOME

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