New Rockhopper Backgrounds Leaked?!?!?!?!?

Hey Everyone!

Recently, a rumor has been going around about a new Rockhopper background. It is also possible that the idea for the Rockhopper background came from this picture.

The Bambadee bracelet has also dissappeared! Here is what the possible new background will look like.

rh backround

I do not know if this is really going to be the background that Rockhopper brings with him when he arrives at Club Penguin on Friday since the background is not signed. What do you think?

That poll is the question of the day! Please tell us all what you think!

I’ll keep you updated about this!

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38 Responses to New Rockhopper Backgrounds Leaked?!?!?!?!?

  1. clairebear says:

    i dont think that blue penguin looks real it kinda looks photoshopped in where did u get this??

  2. clairebear says:

    plus doesnt the penguin on the front of the fish look wierd and different??

  3. Zumaboy says:


  4. Zumaboy says:


  5. ivan66666 says:

    simmer please check out my website and comment

  6. pordugle says:

    i know how u get the bck ground…
    when u go to disney world and met him he gives u a slip of paper with a code on it and when u use it on cp it gives u that bg 😀

  7. Tomcycle14 says:

    Doesn’t the background look very close to the background in Walt Disney World? If you got to Club Penguin, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  8. Tomcycle14 says:

    ADD-ON: Not the background, but the picture of the kid, it has Rockhopper and a blue penguin, like the background.

  9. angel2895 says:

    omg that’s an awsome background!!! great post simmer!! oh and when is the chat room going to be fixed???

  10. Articsledder says:

    Actually he gives it out if you see him at Disney.

  11. lynx43 says:

    Yeah, he gives out a code to kids whom he see at Disney. People just have to encode it and they get the background. =]] cheers


  12. Karda Nui says:

    u get that in disney world wen rh gives u a code to unlock on cp

  13. buggy says:

    o i think i know rockhopper(person form) is at disney world and is giving out coin codes…. u unlock the code and get a background … and that blue peng is bambadee
    (I THINK)

  14. Blue Buru says:

    I heard if you meet Rockhopper at Disney World he gives you a code that unlocks that background.

  15. match87055 says:

    He gives it out to people in disney world.I dont know if he will give it out when he comes to club penguin though.

  16. Girl34561 says:

    every ones right. rh gives it away at disney world.

  17. Lunar Lilo 6 says:

    Hey Simmer. COuld you please do some SWFs on the Medieval Party? Just so I can add them to my SWF page. How do you get the download, anyway?

  18. Chublet10010 says:

    if u go to disney world and find rockhopper he will give you a coin code and the coin code gives you the background that blue penguin in also in disney so he WONT have that background for sure

  19. Chublet10010 says:

    that blue penguins name is also bambadee

  20. Zumaboy says:

    hey y did u put rh backround instead of just rhb did u do that already??????1?!!?!!?!?!? Oh and by the way,…. WE WANT BRIBBLE! WE WANT BRIBBLE! Or if u want a xat that is more common but it works well and is free if your dad isn’t letting u pay or something. if it’s why I think it is make a post 4 1 day on the weekend say link and we will go there! woooow this comment is the size of a post huh? lol 🙂

  21. aeroww14 says:

    Simmer you have to listen to this to know the right answer.
    The rockhopper background was a once in a life time give out. It is ment to only be given out when rockhopper was in disney land. Rockhopper will never give out the special coin code again! It is only meant for when rockhopper visits disney land meaning that you need to go to disney land florida to get the background. If rockhopper gave it away then why would he give it away in disney land?

    Matre10: He gave it away in Disney Land because in August 1th 2007 Disney bought Club Penguin for a lot of money.

  22. mrkrabs987 says:

    Great Post I Have Emailed Cp About It And Ill Tell You There Answer When I Get A Reply!


  23. Matty says:

    no no no no no no no you can only get it if you go to disney world and see rockhopper (the guy in a suit)he then will give you a coin code and you put it in on cp and get it.

  24. mrkrabs987 says:

    EVERYONE I HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEM OF THE BACKGROUND!!! Club penguin emailed me back and they said rockhopper will NOT be handing it out if u see him in club penguin that background was only for people who met him at disney world

  25. Cptestninja says:

    I found someone with the new background, I made a post about it on my site. The penguins name was Akon34368. He was waddling around the Sleet dock and I managed to get a pic. The background is from Rockhopper in Disney and he might give it out when he comes again. I think he might also be waddling around Club Penguin with Bambadee.

  26. cp expert says:

    i know how to get it first youll need to be in disney land and find rockhopper and hell give you a coin code or something then use the code and boom you have it.

  27. This is great info for everyone. Glad you posted this. I am subscribing to this blog. Mason

  28. kiwy604 says:

    hi simmer27 cool photo , I have a Party on club penguin because of my blog’s hits and wanted to ask if I wanted to be my guest of honor, really I would greatly appreciate plz replied you number one fan !!!


  29. Very nice blog, I agree with most of what you are saying here

  30. pen50gi says:

    i bet that he will give that out on friday when rockhopper comes hope he comes on friday

  31. pen50gi says:

    it looks kind of fake

  32. pizzarosita says:

    i think that background is fake cuz rockhopper didn’t sign it

  33. karaokelol says:

    no hes not going to give it away.. rockhopper gave special codes to people in orlando when he visited and the code unlocks that bg.. duh. hav u seen orlando pics? with rp and the blu pengy? i ppl r just so stupid

  34. karaokelol says:

    when i said rp i ment rh

    srry ppl

  35. talory says:

    i like that back ground a lot, because u can see the ship, and because u see rockhopper and some one else thats y i like it ppl !!!!! 😀

    always and forever talory,LOVE YA PPL, PEACE

  36. deluxe panda says:

    i love it i just hope it has the rh signature and its real

  37. igotswag23 says:

    wat do u blue penguin have aby thing to do with ir so no i dont think thats the new background sorry peolpe

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