June Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone!

I found a sneak peek of the new clothing catalog coming in June!


Billybob announced that a blue wig looking like this will become available in the June Clothing Catalog! Pretty cool right? The Club Penguin team decided on the color blue as the wig color from a recent poll they took.

Question of the Day: Do you like this Wig?

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24 Responses to June Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

  1. Britbunny says:

    I hate it!

  2. myhearts2u says:

    Hey!!! I think the blue wig will become a huge change in ClubPenguin!!!

  3. cpwoton says:

    The new wig color is awesome!

  4. Emmo Gee says:

    I dont really like it. Seriousily, have you ever seen blue hair??? LOL

  5. angel2843 says:

    I don’t like it. cuz most of that stuff turns out not good.i’m not saying that their not, but when you get out their you kinda look funny. and i think they should of colored it blonde/brown.

  6. angel2843 says:


  7. Articsledder says:

    I guess its ok, Is it for boys or girls lol?

  8. clairebear says:

    it looks TERRIBLE!!! i mean they do this all the time!!!! they should do like braids or for boys do like regular boy hair!!! i mean i dont care if its blue or not just make it more attractive instead of making it HIDEOUS!!!

  9. Emmanimmanim says:

    I absolutly hate the wig!!! I wanted the redish-brown to win!!! They never make red-head wigs and I have red hair so…. I am mad!!! I like it, it just needs to be a redish-brown wig.

  10. fotis01 says:

    Cool post & right color decision 😀
    -Fotis http://clubpenguintoday.com

  11. Zumaboy says:

    How could u hate it? I’m a boy and I’m even gonna buy it!lol ;):):(

  12. Crazyemzo says:

    Heyy Loves The New Wig Add Me On Clubpenguin im on server bunny hill Under CrazyEmzo i have blone straight hair pink jogging hoodie and purple shoes thanks x

  13. moniceua says:

    its ok but uh it wouldnt look right

  14. Pinkyxx says:

    erm its horbbile! why dont they bring out the old wigs back like brown hair and the pigtails

  15. pinkcheech707 says:

    I dont like it.

  16. bubbleyone says:

    i like the color not the shape so in my opinion its UGLY adn ya we need pigtails back!!!!

  17. blip says:

    two words…. hate it! i agree they should do braids for girls and something cool for guys. but blue hair?????
    i would never buy it cuz its abousluty hideous!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sophie says:

    i herd that it was going to be a cool catalog for june. my faverite catolog was september

  19. Alys says:

    I think its cool but what will it look like when you look down on it?
    Is there any other wigs???

  20. RavenclawGirl says:

    I hate the wig!A better color would have beeen blonde!

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. aMY says:


  23. jhu says:

    you ROCK!

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