Medieval Party Cheats & New Viking Stage

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released the Medieval Party and the Viking Stage today! Here are the cheats.

Go to the Lighthouse to get the Wizard Hat!

wizard hat

The new pin happens to be a crown and that pin is hidden in the Boiler Room.

Crown pin 2

There is also a dragon at the mine shack! You can control when you are using the Switch Box 3000.

Duck attack

I guess Club Penguin doesn’t realisee that the Switchbox 3000 is at the Stage and the Mine. Hehe I am not going to tell them that they made that mistake. 😀 Now for the Medieval Maze Cheats.

1. Go to the town.

town medieval

2. Click on the nights needed sign, and then click “Go There.”

knights needed

3. You will be teleported to a room with a portcullis. Click on the portcullis.


4. The portculles will then open. Then go through the porculles and you will be taken to a room with lots of orbs! Stand on each of the mats right infront of the 5 orbs to light them up. Once all the orbs have been lit up, you will then be taken to a new room!

light orbs

5. You will then be taken to a room with many targets and a free item which is the Gold Sheild. I would sugest getting the Gold Shield first and then throwing snowballs at the targets with other people. Once you and the other people in the room have hit 50 targets, the next portculles will open up!

gold shield

hitting target

6. After you have done this, you will be taken to a room with another free item. Pick up the Golden Night Helmet, and then go into the maze! Follow these arrows in this specific order to get the Golden Night Armor.

1. Down

2. Left

3. Down

4. Right

5. Right

6. Up

gold hat

7. Congragulations! You have completed all the cheats to the Medieval PartyMaze! Pick up the Gold Armor as your reward.

gold armor

Then, go to the forst and click on the ladder.


Then, when you are at the top of the ladder you will be taken to the Medieval Party room! This room will only be available during the Medieval Party.

medieval room

Club Penguin also came out with a new stage today! Todays new stage is called the Haunting of the Viking Opera.


The new stage catalog has 3 cheats. Click on the pink viking helmet picture to get the red viking helmet. Open and close the red viking helmet 4 times to get the blue viking helmet!

viking helmets

Then, while the blue viking helmet is OPEN, click on the viking helmet the penguin is wearing to get the Gold Viking Helmet!

to get gold viking helmet

gold viking helmet

Congratulations! You now have the Gold Viking Helmet! Alot of Golden Stuff was released today, :).

In other news, I will be giving away a Club Penguin COIN CODE FOR FREE this weekend. Check back tomorrow for more updates!

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16 Responses to Medieval Party Cheats & New Viking Stage

  1. Matre10 says:

    Sorry for the delayed post. I didnt have much time.


  2. lordoc says:

    Matre! Can you tells immer27 to contact me. I want a job here.

  3. lordoc says:

    i ment simmer27* Sorry…. oh and its me Oneurt aka Cranicar, A good frien of you from cp… and simmer27’s friend too…

  4. lordoc says:

    Also, I am typing fast cuz i have to go sorry for bad spelling. I am not like this

  5. angel2843 says:

    it’s ok matre. the member room is a quest and through the quest there is free items it goes to a gold armor suit. any way i wish i could give u a member ship.:( next time i have the money i will!!! i promise. Rock on Matre10!!

  6. Girl34561 says:

    if u look closely, the switchbox in the dragon’s lair and the one at the stage is different.

  7. Girl34561 says:


  8. Jazzy 2008 says:

    Theirs golden knight armour for the quest and its free!Theirs also a cheat in the new play click on the viking helmet on the title to get red viking helmet and click on it 4 times to get blue viking helmet.

  9. clairebear says:

    is it just me or does this look kinda like the party last year??

  10. Matty says:

    Actually, the switchbox wasn’t a mistake. Try its buttons! The dragon can fire…

  11. icepole 09 says:

    awesome ..
    thank you soooooooo much !!
    i was in need of the cheat …
    thanx email me
    icepole 09

  12. icepole 09 says:

    what ?really ..
    whats the code email me the code ..

  13. icepole 09 says:

    hi hey ..
    when r u online thanx for the codes really need the cheats

  14. icepole 09 says:

    hey hey hey

  15. club penguin says:

    I have added your blogging on my site:
    Can you add my site to your blogroll ???
    Have a nice day.

  16. akashb says:

    I really loved your golden viking helmet cheat. I am a cheat master! I have $7000000 on my clubpenguin account!!!!

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