Club Penguin’s 1,000,000 Coins Glitch is Still Working?!?!?!?!

Hey Everyone!

For some reason, Club Penguin’s 1,000,000 coins glitch has not been fixed yet. If you want to get 1,000,000 coins on Club Penguin, simply watch this video tutorial.

I wonder when they will fix it? It is kind of strange, normally Club Penguin fixes these glitches soon after they are found. When the glitch no longer works, comment informing me!

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66 Responses to Club Penguin’s 1,000,000 Coins Glitch is Still Working?!?!?!?!

  1. ivan66666 says:

    it still works simmmer

  2. club penguin says:

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  3. clubpenguin says:

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  4. clubpenguin says:

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  5. pippi0poppy says:

    you can do that with dj3k aswell i have 35,000 coins and i dont get banned

  6. poppy says:

    im realy sorry 2 have 2 tell u this but i dosn’t work anymore well for me i just got banned luckily i have 4 penguins sorry-)

  7. vegas9 says:

    Great Post Although i already knew u can also do it with Aqua Grabber

    Can You Visit My SIte Please

  8. mattison says:

    simmer i have 999,999 but they wont let me get anymore coins!

    Matre10: Strange…Try wining that last coins in hydro hopper. However, a coin doesnt make the difference πŸ˜€

  9. ivan66666 says:

    dear simmer if you are stuck on a cheat or anything you can always look on my fresh new club penguin cheats please visit my website simmer it is

  10. Jazzy 2008 says:

    It also works with pizzatron.

  11. buggy says:

    i tried it with dance game but IT DOESN’T WORK adn also there are some new songs for members (there are alot )

  12. buggy says:

    adn is and

  13. blair says:

    omg. i just got 1,000,000 coins!!!
    i cant get any more 😦 but whenever i see it i cant believe it!!

  14. Flam7 says:

    do u get d=banned

  15. Flam7 says:

    how long dose it take before u get banned

  16. pinkrock133 says:

    will i get banned

  17. Ebony says:

    yup dis cheat still workls 4rom dis day

  18. Chuukey says:


  19. lucy says:

    soz it’s not working for me

  20. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the coffe cheat your a life saver

  21. Pokemon237 says:

    I already knew the cheat but I no how to get 1 mill coins quicker you do the same with aqua grabber

  22. KittyKat792 says:

    Hey simmer27 i tried that and i didn’t get banned, isn’t that great!

  23. timber32 says:

    ok guys PLZ copy and paste this message and send it to other websites copy and paste this whole THING REMEMBER send it to other sites:

  24. valon125 says:

    if u still have beanbags after u finish u will get extra money!

  25. I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    thx i needed money so thx alot

  27. teeytiny says:

    let me see if it works

  28. banana says:

    not working any more=(

  29. kjjhhgdg says:

    this dose not wok any more i just tried it today third of june

  30. idk says:

    omg this doesnt work they fixed it

  31. bob says:

    hi yah it does not work. you get disconnected from that surver do not try it

  32. bluefroggie2 says:

    i was stupid enough to try it.

  33. olly says:

    soz mate i keep trying the glitch but it dont work no more

  34. doggie101 says:

    i have done a different cheat and i had exactly 1,000,000 coins but sorry this cheat does not work but now i have about 9,670,243 coins!!!! no lie i did the aqua grabber one!

  35. spaceman cla says:

    this cheat does work but you get removed from the server if you try it now i tried it

  36. Rose1 says:

    it dosent work anymore just tried it dont work

  37. mintyy says:

    no it doesnt work anymore i almost got banned from doing it… but the one from the dance contest works.. its the same thing except with the dance contest game

  38. nbamx5 says:

    hey this is nba u might have heard of me. simmer i have added u on my blogroll please add me on yours the url is

  39. J053R4M1R32 says:

    They fixed it cause it got me removed from the server 2 times

  40. sai2003 says:

    dont work anymore

  41. eli says:

    im sorry to say it does not work any more

  42. Aqua152433 says:

    It doesn’t work anymore!!! I got a warning and was removed from the server!! 😦

  43. corfish4 says:

    got removed from the sever ):

  44. mailar says:

    it doesnt worrk. i got banned 😦

  45. pinaple1999 says:

    it doesnt work o no it loggedme off and said follow rules but did not get bannned

  46. anominous says:

    it makes you automatically log off

  47. Coolcat6601 says:

    hi well not hi cos it banned me from the server i did not know why

  48. Anonymous says:


  49. Anonymous says:

    it did not work

  50. sofia says:

    it doesn’t work anymore……….

  51. walley7 says:

    it does work i saw it was the best anyway that is the only cheat i have been on

  52. Anonymous says:

    umm i was using the glish and it said thanks for showing us this and now it does not work anymore

  53. Razzia1 says:

    it removes me from the server it doesnt work i did exactly what it said bu it doesnt work

  54. Razzia1 says:

    it doesnt work anymore i almost got banned they said if i did it one more time i would get banned you said it stil works but it doesnt no one try that

  55. chris says:

    it doesnt work any more December 2009

  56. mew huxy says:

    I dosnt work I did it three times and it still didnt work

  57. mew huxy says:

    I almost got banned but atleast it worked at the time with the great maze im all out of coins

  58. mew huxy says:

    Iv been on 50 diffrent websites and non of them have this cheat (I did it myself) first goto the sports shop then if your an agent go into the changing room befor you go in there press the igloo icon (like you do with the games) then your iggi will have agent music in there
    ps this really does work

  59. mystery girl says:

    the cheat works

  60. mew huxy says:

    waz up

  61. Polino9 says:

    Well i tried the coffe bean trick and it didt work it said that be carefull of what you do online or you will be banded on the bright side it sorta worked and im not baned πŸ™‚ just lateing you no thx

  62. Jack says:

    I got kicked out of server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  63. guy says:

    Hi I got removeed someone told clubpenguin

  64. tabgirl says:

    It can but
    it removes u from the server

  65. MACCY2000 says:


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