Paycheck’s are Released and Medieval Contrusction Begins!

Hey Everyone, Matre posting!

Today, Club Penguin released its pay checks to all of the Secret Agents and Tour Guides! I got one even though I never have gaven a single tour. LOL!

Click Here to see the Secret Agent Pay Check without logging in to Club Penguin.


Click Here to see the Tour Guides Pay Check without logging in.


Coins are automaticly added to you account when the pay check comes, the postcard just comes to tell you that you were paid.

Also, it looks like Club Penguin is putting out decorations for the Medieval Party that begins next week! Here are two pictures.



You can see decorations at the town, snow forts,  beach, and many other places around Club Penguin. Don’t forget, the medieval party will have a special quest for members only. The Medieval Party begins this Friday on May 8, 2009!

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16 Responses to Paycheck’s are Released and Medieval Contrusction Begins!

  1. Sman2323 says:

    lol I also said I’m rich when I saw it.

  2. It is obvious you put a lot of care into your posts here. Very interesting and useful info – thanks for informing all of us. Nancy

  3. Emmo Gee says:

    Cool! More money xD

  4. yidey22 says:

    please put meh on ur blog i have all the requirements

  5. swetson11 says:

    can any of the mods or simmer 27 answer this:When are u goin to pay the money for the chatbox again we all adore cuz we meet new friends your #1 fan- cody

  6. mudkip374 says:

    simmer plz add me as a writer or somthing i am very good at my job just ask mudkip077 so plz plz plz add me 😉

  7. niceplayer says:

    Hey Simmer Can I Be On Your Blogroll?My And Fotis01 site Used To Have 1.000.000 Hits Before We Turn To Self Host And We Have Already Added You.Add us AS Club Penguin Today.

  8. taylor038 says:

    omg check out the under ground swimming pool its sooo cool. it’s not even a pool anymore!! lolz anyway simmer plz hurry up with the chatbox i need to talk to cody, and all them, thats my only contact with them.

  9. Darkpuma says:

    Hi everyone,

    Awesome post as you rock!!!
    Um… everyone can feel free to visit my blog at:
    Oh… and comment there, remember to be my follower as well…
    Thats it!


  10. Zumaboy says:

    Taytay here is a chat to talk to us with
    If they banned you for no reason I will un-bann you k cya there oh and Cody’s new chat you saw that though

  11. Zumaboy says:

    Cody I’m his #1 fan not you!

  12. Zumaboy says:

    hey simmer make a xat chat for now those are quite good I have one

  13. chinsetakout says:

    hey simmer!

    i was wondering if we could add each other to our blogrolls? As of right now you would be the only one on it. If you decide yes then just add my site then comment saying you added me then i will add your site right away 😀


  14. No affence matre but this post didnt have that good grammar

  15. Shadrad87 says:

    this site is awesome

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