Rockhopper Visiting Disney World Update

Hey Everyone!

I know you have been hearing alot about Rockhopper, your favorite pirate penguin, coming to Disney World! As you probably know, he will be visiting from April 30 – May 26! He will be visiting the Hollywood studios in Disney World.


Just so you know, the picture lines move fast. You will also probably get more detail about this when you get to Disney World! If you meet him, leave some comments about what it was like!

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26 Responses to Rockhopper Visiting Disney World Update

  1. zumaboy says:

    Cool! Hey U know u mods are kinda taking over the site lol

    Woton: Even though I just posted, I agree. I’m going to talk to Simmer about this.

  2. zumaboy says:

    Hey I’m looking for advice you see my site has been up for awhile now and it still isn’t on google 1 or 2 days after I made a site my friend did and its already on google but mine isn’t do I have to put it on google?

  3. Catcatfrog says:

    yea Tower of Terror is really fun. My friend barfed on it.

  4. mudkip077 says:

    Thank you, we have already counted your vote.
    keelers895 7% (1 votes)

    mudkip077 67% (10 votes)

    Other: 27% (4 votes)


  5. ivan66666 says:

    hi…………………. im ivan66666 again you can always look on my website i always log in in the morning

  6. ivan66666 says:

    i have a question how do you show the rockhopper tracker whos among us the pin traker things like that on your website? im having trouble on it

  7. ivan66666 says:

    thats so cool but im not going i really want to see him though

  8. Piplup U says:

    Wow. I’ve never been to Disney World. I’ve been to other places, just not Disney World. I don’t really plan going there either.

  9. Zumaboy says:

    I dont mean to be advirtising but I might mintion my site here so mods if you keep posting theres a good chance youll someday be demodded because invisable sort of messed my site up a little I got mad so he messed my site called
    that had Swetson11 as top mod to
    that had zumaboy who sat around doing nothing and invisable saying he was top and stuff and made side things and yeah so I de modded him and now hes not a mod so I hope that doesnt happen to you mods

  10. swetson11 says:

    anyone whos a mod on this site plz answer this:wen is simmers chatbox goin to be up and runnin again?

    Makee3- He has to pay to get it back up

  11. makee3 says:

    I’m sorry I got greedy posting those two times.
    I really hope you can forgive me 😦

    -Mod Makee3

  12. Blue Buru says:

    Simmer, I didn’t see the other time and Im sorry about that one but on friday you LET mods post so…

  13. keelers895 says:

    Simmer, you promised me the mod spot but haven’t added me yet!

    Makee3- I’ll talk to him

  14. Hey Nice blog here I’m adding it to my rss feeder, hope you update often!

  15. Auto girl says:

    i am june 4 too.we are twins

  16. Mudkip077 says:

    Simmer promised me the spot but he didnt even say im getting!! On the post so think yourself lucky you even got the spot

  17. Mudkip077 says:

    Simmer promised me the spot but he didnt even say im getting the job!! On the post so think yourself lucky you even got the spot

  18. swetson11 says:

    this is for any mods on this site i would like some more help on my site and i would like more mods my sites name is plz reply so u can become a mod!

  19. aburnrige89 (burn) says:

    hi ppl

  20. Danlour says:

    My birthday is on 2 June! Yay!

  21. carmaniac says:

    its was toatly awsome get to meet him lol i cant belive it LOL

  22. carmaniac says:

    its was toatly awsome get to meet him lol

  23. Joradx says:

    my birthday is on June 4th to and 1998 what about yours

  24. Danlour says:

    mine is on June 2nd 1995!

  25. shrekman6 says:

    mine is on June 2nd 1995!

  26. Rockhoper says:

    no im not you dum dums I AM NOT COMEING NOW SCRAM

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