Sledding Accesories & the Tree Pin Cheats

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released the Sledding items & the Tree Pin today.


The new pin is a Tree and is located in the Dojo Courtyard.


Pretty cool stuff right? Sorry that Club Penguin delayed there updates by several hours. Also, here are the new songs you can dance to in the Dance game.

1. Patrick’s Jig.

2. Let’s Bounce.

3. Go West.

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35 Responses to Sledding Accesories & the Tree Pin Cheats

  1. Salty says:

    Updates Are Delayed! 😦

    Thx! Cant wait till tomorrow then! 😀 LOL

  2. Darts Noah says:

    The new pin is out at the Dojo Courtyard.

    Artic: Thanks! I had a hard time finding that one.

  3. Sman2323 says:

    The new pin is a tree. Some penguin had it

  4. zumaboy says:

    Ok hope it get fixed soon

  5. Vinny60 says:

    Haha If You Need To Get Rid Of A Bug/Virus Ask It Very Nicely And Give It Candy! Good One Arctic

    Artic: Actually, I didnt write that. I only edited it with the pin info! Simmer is alot better at making jokes.

  6. rhysinu says:

    good job artic to be a blogger is a hard work.i changed my mind to be a blogger just like you

  7. majorgeneral says:

    Arctic, there are some new books on the clubpenguin unlock code thing could you have a look and post codes if you can??

    P.S I have some candy for the bug!!

  8. mudkip077 says:

    what about the tobogane

    Makee3- The Toboggan is at the Ski Hill for sale on the Board.

  9. updates are on ! just to tell you artic . Try and get second place for the post !

  10. Blue Buru says:

    Artic isn’t the only moderator around here ;D

  11. makee3 says:

    Hey Simmer,
    Can you take a look at my new Css?
    Please click the name 😀

  12. makee3 says:

    I’m still working on the Header though.

  13. 50cent254cp says:

    I’m in a club penguin army called CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Army)they are the fastest growing army in CP and the youngest on the Nachos top 10 army list 2.5 months old and ranked 6th!

    We get 10-12 ppl per battle (record 13) and should expect 15+ soon. If ur feeling bored in club penguin or just wanna have more fun in CP join today at and join on the join page. We have constant battles and lots of fun most of the fun happen’s on our xat chat box at we have over 25 active members and have more fun than any other army on chat! You should

    Join at

    Hey Simmer remember me? We used to be friends from blogging back when ur site was just a normal cp site. I will advertise ur site a lot on the CPRA’s 500 hits a day site if u alow this comment to go through and make a post about CPRA.

  14. soccership07 says:

    OMG! THanks and I remember you. But I doubt you remember me. xD I’m Soccership07

  15. Darts Noah says:

    not a pleasure at all, Artic. little trouble myself if you ask me!!

  16. angel2843 says:

    hey!! hope u get the chat box up and running soon!!

  17. clairebear says:

    the tobaggon is SO STUPID!!!! it doesnt go ANY faster then the regular one trust me i tested it. so what are the point to the tobaggons??

  18. Woffbuffet says:

    Hi simmer! I know staly vegas (salty), please can you see my site and leave a comment? Please simmer


  19. swetson11 says:

    hey simmer your chatbox is not working!wats up with that?plz reply your biggest fan -cody

  20. Kikersonic says:


    Do you think that you have a penguin ready for a rare penguin contest? I have entered in 2 or 3 of your rare penguin contests , but I never win.

    Please reply,

  21. Mudkip077 says:

    Simmer i need to talk plz

  22. Tomcycle14 says:

    You know if you’re a non-member like me, you can still see the toboggan.

    Makee3- Good To Know!

  23. ivan66666 says:

    dear simmer,

    please check out my website at


  24. Cbary23 says:

    Simmer can u please let me be a moderator!!!!
    I luv this website and I always come on here like eighty times a day!!! Please please let me be a mod please!!!!!

    Makee3- The mod spots are gone.
    But you might have a chance to be one if you comperte in a different mod challenge later on.
    But try to meet the requirements and fill out the fourms.

  25. cbary23 says:

    i did do all of that but my comment to be a mod got deleted for some weird reason!!!!

  26. swetson11 says:

    matre10 why isnt ur and simmers chatbox working?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Blue Buru aka Emmo Gee: The Chat has expired and Simmer has to pay to get it back up.

  27. mudkip077 says:

    simmer if your on your site i found a new way i can post on my phone!!! i get free internet when i run out of credit so i can post whenever

  28. keelers895 says:

    Simmer you haven’t added me as a moderator yet. My email is
    (Edited Out)

    Makee3- I’ll get it to him 😉

  29. Emmo Gee says:

    Simmer, I sent you an email and its very important. Its not your spam one, its your other one. By the way Im Blue Buru

  30. zumaboy says:

    Ill tell simmer don’t worry.

  31. zumaboy says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SIMMER MAKE KEELERS A MODARATER

  32. zumaboy says:

    I MEAN

  33. zumaboy says:

    SIMMER MAKE KEELERS A MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  34. Mudkip077 says:

    What happened to your membership???

  35. jake morgan says:

    im a rilly rare penguin i wos here for the first pin i have the ester bunny eres i have the blue green and red ones then i went off cp for a year then i came back on cp and my buddys had new bff

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