Rockhopper Visits Disney World!

Hey Everyone!

Guess what? Rockhopper is coming to Disney World! You will be able to meet him in Disney World April 30 – May 13, 2009.


If you get to meet him, or are planning on going to Disney World and are going to meet Rockhopper, take a digital photo of Rockhopper, and Rockhopper only and then upload it to Then comment with the URL of the picture on this website. I will give the first person to comment with a picture a coin code as a reward! It will be cool to see somebody dressed up in some costum thats 6 feet tall.

Question of the Day, If you get to be Rockhopper, what will you ask him?

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17 Responses to Rockhopper Visits Disney World!

  1. yidey22 says:


  2. zumaboy says:

    cool! Ive never been there I would ask him how he got the Idea for his penguin and what he really wanted to add most

  3. Majorgeneral says:

    Erm.. I am not sure whether this is a red herring or not but there are some new books for unlocking book codes just come out, could you post some codes for them??

    Yours faithfully,


  4. angel2843 says:

    if i met him i would ask him if his beard was itchy!!!! lol XP

  5. who says:

    wow… nobody’s gonna talk to him.

  6. A colleague told me about this site. Glad I checked it out. Looks to be very useful. Forrest M

  7. cool person says:

    I would ask him why he gives away free items for all the penguins.

  8. cool person says:

    How do u put pictures for your carechter?

    Artic: If you have a wordpress acount, You can edit your acount to have a picture

  9. Um Simmer, You haven’t added me to the site. My WP email is [Edited]

    Matre10:Ok dont worry I’ll do it right now.Done

  10. ©Snowy©™ says:

    You have been officially Invited to SnowBossi’s 400.000 Hits Party

    Place : Sleet Dock/Beach [If dock is FULL we will go to the Beach .]

    Time : 10 Am PST

    I hope you can come
    Signed ~Snowbossi

  11. drake55608 says:

    i saw rockhopper
    in disney world

  12. alfred says:

    ilove clubpenguin

  13. pinklovey12 says:

    aww i wish he would come to disney land in california because i dont live in florida but if he does come im so going and i will get his autograph for sure!

  14. Mimo777 says:

    awesome but i live in canada!

  15. darkbane77 says:

    wat! mimo said he lives in usa hmm.

  16. poopoo says:

    hahahahahahahha im going to disney and getting a pic of rockhopper and the blue dude penguin mimo777 said he lives in usa sooooooo poopoo on u mimo!!!!!!!!!

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