Moderator’s Announced & Simmer 27’s Argentina Trip Review

Hey Everyone!

Due to the fact that many hackers have been going around rigging the polls on websites, I have decided it would be a good idea to end the polls now. So here are the results!

1. Arctic Sledder, who gathered a mass total of 421 votes and 29% of the total votes cast!

2. Woton, who gathered 186 votes and 13% of the total amount of votes cast

3. Blueburo, who gathered like Woton, 186 votes and 13% of the total votes cast!

Finally, as for the fourth mod, the choice was a very hard one. I wanted to pick someone who wasn’t very popular and got no bad reports from anybody.

4. For this mod spot, I picked Makee3! Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the competitors! If you still want to become a moderator, you still can! The grand prize that will be Gaven away at my party is becoming a Moderator!

In other news, I have came out with a new video! It is about what I did in Argentina.

Rating it 5 starts is like gettomg a plane ticket to Argentina! My next video will be Club Penguin related.

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31 Responses to Moderator’s Announced & Simmer 27’s Argentina Trip Review

  1. Monster Quis says:

    Well Congratulations. =( Well keep commenting on my web.

  2. Monster Quis says:

    Well Congratulations. =( Well keep commenting on my web.bye

  3. Salty says:


  4. Matre10 says:

    Argentina rocks! You forgot the milanesa I guess 😀

  5. Monsterquis says:

    oh well

  6. 6susie6 says:

    Nice job Makee3, Congratulations. Have fun modding the chat. 😀

    Argentina must be fun too. ^^

  7. invisable125 says:

    Congradulations. I for one thought ending the poll now was a bit confusing but you would know if the poll was being hacked? Well im not one to shout so i have to congradulate everyone! I could have made it if there were atleast 3 more days because i could feel luck in my body. I guess my main thinking is going to be the party. I hope i will win one day.


  8. blueburu says:

    OMG! Thanks Simmer! I was so close to beating Woton ;O

  9. angel2843 says:

    hey simmer i just got my own site!! everyone check it out!!!! then go to my pages!!

  10. Martyn6262 says:

    YEAH BLUE BURO CAME THIRD YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sam says:

    OMG simmer i cant believe you like football in ARGENTINA. Come down to england and watch proper football called the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE.

    The Argentina league is one of the worst leagues in the world!!!


    Simmer 27: Argentina’s league is actually really good. Don’t forget, we beat you in 1986 :D! However, I like Chelsea and Manchester United.

    Matre10: Excellent point simmer.Also if you want to watch great football prepare River-Boca is coming soon

  12. Darts Noah says:

    ;-( I guess theres always a chance next time (If there is one, if not I will cry and my crying is not pretty 😉 )

  13. Articsledder says:

    Thanks Simmer! Thanks if you voted for me! Congrats to everyone else who won too!

  14. Shimbo37 says:

    Congratulations everyone!
    You four will do great!

    And Makee, you finally get to work with Simmer!
    Just like you always wanted!


  15. cpwoton says:

    Awesome! I probably would have creamed if I had advertised, but I didn’t.


  16. Zumaboy says:

    Sorry Tay tay sorry me congrats everyone else Oh well I’m better than top mod on my site at least lol

  17. BLACKASHES96 says:


  18. Sman2323 says:

    Well Congrats 😦 another lost lol. haha

  19. Salty says:

    Awesome Post!

    Please Visit My Site:

    Thx & Have A Terrific Day!


  20. Makee3 says:

    Wow Simmer!
    This is the best thing ever!

  21. keelers895 says:

    I love Chelsea 🙂

    Yeah, River Plate and Corinthians are good.

  22. Girl34561 says:

    hmm.. Too bad Darts Noah didnt win…
    ah well. Congrats, new mods!

  23. Articsledder says:

    When you beat all the EPF missions, there are other smaller missions similar to the first mission on the internet, And there are occasional seasonal missions.

  24. Makee3 says:

    Hmmm, Seems I’m Not A Mod Yet,
    When Do You Make The Mods?

  25. Johncena9491 says:

    Dude! that was a awsome video

  26. Darts Noah says:

    Hey Girl34561. Thx for voting for me if you did. Anyways, I congratulate at the winners and great job all you other competetors of this uhhh well whatever you would call it…

  27. mudkip077 says:

    makee3 got the same as me as least give me a shot

  28. mudkip077 says:

    no i take that back

  29. Matt Ports says:

    awsome website it is so cool can you go on world slushy on may 1st at 4.00. at the top of the light house where the beacon is.

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