Club Penguin’s Coins for Change Scam

Hey Everyone!

I just found out something which will shock all of you, and it is about Coins for Change.


During some point in time, you have probably wondered where the $1,000,000 comes from that Coins for Change gives away. Well, your answer is it comes from our money we give them for membership. If you want to know how I figured this out. Click here to find out how I know Club Penguin says some of your membership money goes to help the world!

This is a scam because Club Penguin gets approximately $100,000,000 each year in membership from about 1 million members. All they have to do is take a 1 dollar from each of the members and put it into Coins for Change. They say they are giving money away, which they are yet they claim to be giving the Coins for Change money as separate from the Membership Fees which they aren’t!

I would just like to say is that I am glad that Club Penguin is giving away to charity, yet I don’t think that they should try to say “we’re giving away more then just Coins for Change donations” when Club Penguin isn’t. I am posting this not to make Club Penguin look bad but so you know that when you are buying a membership, you are contributing to the money that Coins for Change will use.

Your coins do not really influence how much money is donated in Coins for Change. No matter what, $1,000,000 will be donated. When you donate your coins, all that happens is you decide where the money goes! This is all stuff no one at Club Penguin would ever tell you.

If you were to call them or email them about this, they would deny it because it would make there business look bad. Thanks to Bojab123 for helping me find this stuff out.

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41 Responses to Club Penguin’s Coins for Change Scam

  1. xman103 says:

    ho was the hacker

  2. orbit777 says:

    Thanks Simmer and Matre! But the problem is Superpriplup and Music_Is_Me are bann. We dont know y………

    Matre: When people spams a lot they get automatic banned by spamming by bribble.I already unbanned them but i hope they dont spam again.

  3. invisable125 says:

    Hmmm confusing, im not saying anything about if i know it is a scam or not cause i dont get it…. Time to read it again 😛

  4. coolmatt12 says:

    Dude l think thats terrible, can l reuse this statement on my site with credit from simmer27?

    Editor: If you give credit and a link,you are able to.

  5. invisable125 says:

    Hmmm i’ve figured it out! Otherwise where would the money come from? our memberships! No wonder! They have been trying to hide it with member only things! Simmer and bojab123 you are both geniuss’ and so am i! club penguin make $595 M in memberships but they use the rest for their employees and then it makes it seem like only $100 M because there are over 100,000 employees! So you are right!

  6. zumaboy says:

    Bojab I know him one of his peguins was one that was hacked… but his main one is ok! I was hacked again but Im good now! I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo scared or him he said he found my adress and was to far away but was close to one of my online friends!I new I wasnt going wak when I a saw that(Im part phiycic)! Ok now I’m really scared!

  7. zumaboy says:

    I hope shes ok!

  8. zumaboy says:

    Man Im scaring myself!

  9. zumaboy says:

    Why can I not stop talking!

  10. zumaboy says:

    Thanks for banning him the FBI dudes didnt really didnt do much but say they new he was a stalker

  11. zumaboy says:

    I new that though…… Hes also a… WAIT! HE CAN MAKE ANOTHER PERSON!

  12. zumaboy says:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. zumaboy says:

    How’s it a scam thats there job its how they get paid?

    Editor: Read it again,please.

  14. bob says:

    who cares

  15. zumaboy says:

    ummm no one gets on any more since the hacker came

  16. Salty says:

    =0 I have 5 club penguin memberships! =0 they take money out of that? I thought it was to make the game better! =(

    And at this momant they need to make it better!

    Good Work In Finding That Out Simmer27! =D


  17. xman103 says:

    wow thats wow you area good spy lol

  18. iowagirl1997 says:

    THEY LIED TO US! Lol cp are a bunch of scammers

  19. Hero Sarah says:

    I’m not a member but, i just want to give a tip to people, that if your going to become a member, always before your join, add up the total price of things you want to get, earn it then become a member. Do all this first because then you don’t have to waste time earning money when you’re a member

  20. BLACKASHES96 says:

    I dont get it??!!

  21. zumaboy says:

    Why did you not show up? I wanted to meet you!

  22. zumaboy says:

    Oh come on another hacker!
    Bann Charlie or whatever your chat is vry unsafe!

  23. Hero Sarah says:

    other than that its good

  24. Boomboom5435 says:

    Holy chocolate

  25. jaydel says:


  26. jaydel says:

    im awake at this time to play club penguin and check out ur website just 4 new updates!

  27. leojemmsshe says:

    OMG! Oh My God!

  28. Monsterquis says:

    YAY and bad scam

  29. Mr Tatoe says:

    There has been alot of blunders from Club Penguin recently, I think there’s something fishy going on at the moment on Club Penguin because lots of people’s penguins have been banned for no reason including 2 of mine!

  30. Girl34561 says:

    whoa, music_is_me is BANNED?! there goes Orbit’s thing… Not so sad super is banned… Super goes on as a boy and says shes a girl!!! UGH.. well anyway happy sk8terman is gone!!! and banned whooo!

  31. redboy1999 says:

    its fair to me. your paying to help

  32. Clone 787 says:

    I heard if you have your credit card on a monthly membership for a year they take your credit card info and use it

  33. Clone 787 says:

    You can block this comment out when you edit it i want to say this to get it out of my system but please don’t keep it to blackmail me.


    Wow! i feel so much better after that! edit it out i wanted to get it out of my system and reply to me saying if you agree or not

  34. Girl34561 says:


    anyway, Orbit77 says she’s still banned. ugh.

  35. bojab123 says:

    Thanks for putting my name up there Simmer. I have one small problem. I’m banned from you’re chat for some reason. If you could unbann me that would be great.
    Thanks Simmer!

  36. Vanessa says:

    Webkinz is so cheap because I had 9
    webkinz, and then they all expired but I tried re-using the same code so they don’t expire but it didn’t work!!!

  37. mmopuk says:

    I think it’s a good thing that Club Penguin give to charities, it is one of the only online interactive games (or the only) that donates money to charity, however it comes. It mentions that not ALL of the money it gives is membership money, but if it is so, then that’s buisness, everyone has to make money.


  38. domrulz101 says:


  39. Jess says:

    A lot of people ban people, which is really stupid since I guess they just love making people mad. Anyways if you can trust people then send your penguin and pass to if you want coins or a makeovered igloo. My penguin is 1000 years old and if your scared to send your penguin in, just don’t do it. Your gambling any time you send your penguin in, but I won’t ban you 🙂

  40. tv lover says:

    hey all u peeps sup homa g!!!!!!!!! im like totally like in absolute like love with like clubpenguin like yea!!! bye!!! like bye bye!!!

  41. CP AGENT 5 says:

    This makes perfect sense. There is no way Cp is going to get fake coins and turn it into real cash. It is impossible!

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