Simmer 27’s Anniversery Party Details!

Hey Everyone!

As you probably know, April 3 was the one year anniversery of this website! I had a poll to see what I should do for the anniversery and 61 percent of you voted to have a party, so that is what I shall do! Here are the party details.


I will be adding 5 lucky new buddys at this party! I will also be giving away a special prize to one of the people who comes to my party! See you then!

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31 Responses to Simmer 27’s Anniversery Party Details!

  1. Makee3 says:

    I’ll Come Dude!

  2. Articsledder says:

    Sweet! Ill try and come! Not sure if I will be able to though.

  3. aeroww14 says:

    Nice goal to get that many view so fast eh? Strange for me since i’ve been blogging since oct 2007 and only 10k hits. You must be lucky to get 680,000! Especially in one year. But as they say, never give up! Congradulations and i will hopefully be at the party!

  4. invisable125 says:

    Ooooops i posted with my cousins account, “Aeroww14” πŸ˜› i guess he forgot to log off πŸ˜› But anyways, i have the 10000 hits, not aeroww sicne he blogged about 6 months ago but anyways, congradulations!

  5. boblonja says:

    cool!!! ill be there i hope you ad me im boblonja

  6. angel2895 says:

    sweet i’ll try to be there!! see ya then!!

  7. Shimbo37 says:

    Hey Simmer!
    I will be there for sure!
    And I hope you dont mind me adding you to my blogroll…


  8. teal287 says: I have 1,008,939 hits because my site is since 2005

  9. Monster Quis says:

    Hey simmer I hope your not mad at me. Are we cool

  10. Marine A23 says:

    Cool! I think I’ll be able to make it to your one month anniversary party. It’ll be fun!

    – Marine A23

  11. Sman2323 says:

    I will try to make and by the way keep me posted, because I always forget your parties and others.

  12. dawg. says:

    =( i can’t come, to early in the morning, btw i don’t live in America!

  13. Blue Joravar says:

    awesome site and cool post and i will be there.Comment back on my site please

  14. cpwoton says:

    Arctic…. please stop cheating.


  15. blueburu says:

    Awesome Dude! I’ll try to come!

  16. Salty says:

    I am sure arctic will give me somthing in return for getting him all those votes!

    If it wasnt for me he might of been winning πŸ˜‰


  17. boblonja says:

    i will make a party too it will be at rocky road coffee shop this saturday 11 of april at 12:00 of day from the snow forts clock hope you can come

  18. Caldog9 says:

    Hey Dude! My site is hit down! We have had around 50 today! Not many… Please visit, to bring them up.


  19. Brenbaker says:


  20. bubbleyone says:

    im so coming the server is sleet dock or its sleet and we go to the dock?

  21. joemend98 says:


  22. Zumaboy says:

    Plz make it last long so I can come as U know I’m a huge fan!

  23. toejuice says:

    wat server and were in the server and btw CONGRADULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sami Rocks 8 says:

    Hi simmer! I can’t wait until the party and I WILL be there!!! I hope you can add me. I am such a big fan! Talk to ya later Sim!

  25. Englishphil says:

    thx for the info

    i am so excited to come to your party because i NEED to see your iggy when i am your buddy

    p.s its on my moms saturday

    p.p.s Happy easter

  26. Frosty51752 says:

    Heyy! I think ill be able to come. Im not sure,because ive got school and I no atturlly thats after school! yay!!! HeHe!! CYA THERE EVERYONE! Waddle On!!!

  27. Aidan cena says:

    I NEED to see your iggy

  28. katie says:

    kool please add me your so cool im new and kinda lost i look up to u coz u have your own website xx

  29. melapearl says:


  30. holden101 says:

    Hey dude, i live in aus so wont be able 2 make it

  31. melapearl says:


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